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Changing wedding date

Nikki, on November 16, 2014 at 9:34 PM Posted in Planning 0 14
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Hi all, so some of you may remember I posted that my venue was sold about a month ago and the new situation is less than ideal. We are getting our deposit back but finding another venue that we like for the same date (labor day weekend 2015) has been very challenging. Considering I booked my first venue in July, it's like having the rug pulled out from under me. Anyway, we found another venue we liked but they JUST booked our date this past Friday, and we had an appt to see it today (Sunday). Getting that news was the first time I cried during all of this. Anyway, we are going to change the wedding date from 9/6/15 to 11/1/15, most likely. Our original date was special to us and it's just kind of a bummer, but things could be worse. It seems all our vendors can change the date without issue. I'll just need to do something really fun 9/6/15 and try to forget that we were supposed to get married that day.

Did anyone else change their wedding date? How did you feel about it?


  • Andrea
    Expert May 2015
    Andrea ·

    We were originally getting married in February but because Mexico is twice as expensive in Feb and everywhere nice was already booked we changed it to May.

    I honestly found it a relief, There was a lot of pressure and then it was like ahhh, now I can relax and take a little extra time to figure stuff out. Plus I got the place I liked the best.

    It will work out no matter what you do, just check and see what is most important to you.

  • jewles322
    Master March 2015
    jewles322 ·

    Things can be worse, you could be closer to your wedding date. You still have time and now you will have even more time. Think of how much cheaper it will be to not have it on a holiday weekend as well, and into the off season.

  • P
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    Private ·

    LOL I had to change my date at least three times. My in laws are incredibly superstitious and every earlier date I chose had something wrong with it. I had a date in June 2014 and a couple other in 2015 before landing on May 2, 2015 It was such a relief for me to find the "acceptable date". I am actually happy it work out the way it did. I would not have had time to plan for my original June 2014 wedding date since I was in school and had to do a lot of studying.

  • heidi
    VIP October 2014
    heidi ·

    And you'll have TWO special dates to celebrate!

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    Changed my date to three months later by choice. Lots of family couldn't make for the out of town wedding, so we moved it home three months later. My husband even has a watch I gave him with the old wedding date on it! Ha! Obviously, my situation is much different than yours, but we barely remembered it was supposed to be our date and honestly now that we're married, it's just one of those minor details that doesn't really matter now. Your day will be perfect, no matter the date!

  • FutureMrsMerritt
    VIP September 2015
    FutureMrsMerritt ·

    Mine was suppose to be this April. I was really bummed but overall I'm trying to concentrate on making this new date a special day! I'm sure you will think about it once or twice, but once your ay actually comes you won't even remember.

  • Nikki
    VIP November 2015
    Nikki ·

    Some really good ways of thinking about things here. Thanks, everyone!

  • Monica SC
    Master October 2015
    Monica SC ·

    No, I was very lucky with that. I picked a date and it worked. I was so confident that it would that I snatched up some crystal toasting glasses on clearance and had them engraved with the date of our wedding before I even looked at the first venue! With that being said, there were LOTS of venues already booked for that date when I started looking 13 months out.

  • KellyM
    Super November 2015
    KellyM ·

    Initially our date was in July, but had to change it for november. I was disappointed, but know i love my new date and i am glad it worked out this way. Everything happens for a reason, as we know. So, just go with the flow

  • FutureMrsC
    VIP December 2015
    FutureMrsC ·

    Date twins! We've changed it from Jan. 2, to 9/6/2015, and honestly we might change it again lol. We don't have a "special" date in mind, so the date isn't that big of a deal to us.

  • Jillian
    Master May 2015
    Jillian ·

    Not same situation, but we moved our legal 'wedding' up to this past April as my mom was really sick and I wanted her to be there and see me get married. It was a real eye opener for me for what I thought was important (big wedding big celebration, etc). To what was truly important. Was able to get the dress I wanted and planned a small wedding in a couple days. She ended up being too sick and we had to cancel anyways (no matter what we were still going to have our celebration in May and do a vow renewal or something if we were legally married). So, we ate a lot of cake that next week and although it didn't happen I know how hard I tried to make it work. It's been nice that I have my dress/accessories and haven't had to worry about getting all that stuff now since it's been done.

  • Melissa
    Super April 2015
    Melissa ·

    We had originally planned to get married 4/25/15, since our anniversary of dating is 4/24. We called several days after our venue opened it's booking for next year and our day was already taken! We were fine changing it to 4/11 though. What's funny is when I booked my wedding planner I found she is actually the wedding planner for the girl who "stole my date" too!

  • Soon2BMrsPorter
    Expert March 2015
    Soon2BMrsPorter ·

    We originally planned on getting married the 3/14/15 since the 14 had meaning to us but once we had to cut down on expenses we changed the date to a friday and choose 3/20/15 since its saves a lot of money. It was a bummer at first that we couldnt have our original date but you gotta do what you gotta do!!

  • M&M
    VIP August 2015
    M&M ·

    We moved ours back 1 week (we were originally looking at 7/26/15) to save about $8,000 at our venue. Pretty good deal right? They consider August "off-season" and price it the same as April and November. Thankfully that was the first thing we booked so we didn't have to change anything else. Due to FH's schedule among other circumstances, we only had 2 weekends to choose from for the wedding if we wanted to take a honeymoon right after (which is a must for us!).

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