Mrs. Vitucci
Expert October 2011

Centerpiece Ideas...can I get your opinion

Mrs. Vitucci, on February 2, 2011 at 7:18 PM Posted in Planning

I am having a fall wedding and a couple different centerpiece ideas in mind. Now I've been to a few weddings within the last few years and 1 had flowers and the other the hurricane lamp and for mine I want something really different. My venue I'm looking at is a barn.

I'm posting 3 different pictures and also I have one other idea that you I can't find a picture of so you have to put your creative caps on

I was thinking of having a large (real) pumpkin in the middle of the table and have it carved out with "table and the No" and then having a candle inside so it lights up then having leaves around the pumpkin and maybe some little fake pumpkins surrounding it also.

So out of the 4 which do you like best?



  • Mrs. Vitucci
    Expert October 2011
    Mrs. Vitucci ·

    Oh and no little black spiders on the candles (in the last one)

  • ~Samazing
    Super October 2011
    ~Samazing ·

    I like #1 the best I am also having a fall wedding and I've been having a hard time trying to come up with a centerpiece.. I wanted something I could DIY.

    I think I've finally found something I like

    Here is a pic

  • margie
    Dedicated June 2011
    margie ·

    I like the second one i think that s way cute! it has the most detail

  • erin
    Expert October 2011
    erin ·

    I like the first..I think the lanterns would look great in a barn venue!

  • Christina
    VIP November 2012
    Christina ·

    I like #1 as well. I'm also having fall wedding (tree themed as well) and we are doing these, super cheap (we are cutting a few trees down that are about to fall on the house in a month or two-- and my dad has a saw)...but I'm going to add some preserved red/orange/yellow/brown leaves under the candles to give it a little pop.

  • Mrs. Vitucci
    Expert October 2011
    Mrs. Vitucci ·

    @Christina that is a great idea, are you doing the Initials also

  • R
    Expert October 2011
    rosa ·

    I like 1 out of the pics. I think the "jack o lantern" idea is cute if u know how to carve out nice and quick. That would be the mos creative. Maybe cutout the number, put an electric light inside and some flowers on top

  • MelKel
    Master May 2010
    MelKel ·

    Defintely #1

  • julybride16
    Super July 2011
    julybride16 ·

    #1 for sure!

  • Kristy
    Dedicated July 2011
    Kristy ·

    Definitely # 1

  • EdubbsWife™
    Master October 2011
    EdubbsWife™ ·

    If you are only using one then the first one. But why not use more than one? Yes, nix the spiders. ;-)

  • ....
    VIP October 2010
    .... ·

    Number 1 or 2. They're all very pretty tho.

  • Stacy
    VIP October 2011
    Stacy ·

    I love the 1st and 2nd ones.

    I am also having a fall wedding and have attached my centerpieces. Although the candles will be in a hurricane lamp instead of the bowl.

  • Princess
    Savvy November 2011
    Princess ·

    1 or 2

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    Why not alternate on different tables? I think 3 is cute for a house party, not for a wedding.

    Here are some other images for your inspiration boards.

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    And here is Option 4.

    I like #1 and #4...

  • Christina
    VIP November 2012
    Christina ·

    Yes @ Stacy C--- I'm going to attempt to do the initials -- I'm not sure I'm quite that handy with a wood burner though, but I def thinks it gives it a little something extra. -- honestly if I get really lazy I might just paint it on there in dark brown/black

  • Kelli
    Expert June 2012
    Kelli ·

    Number 1

  • Christina
    Just Said Yes June 2012
    Christina ·

    I love the first one

  • Nicci
    Master July 2010
    Nicci ·

    Hayley pretty much dominated and rocked the hat off the pumpkin examples. Those looked awesome! I'm a fan of number 1

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