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Cake? Supermarket vs Chic Bakery?

AnticipatingAugust2011, on February 14, 2011 at 9:17 PM

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I was quoted prices on the cake between $275-$300. I was browsing Walmart yesterday and they have 3 tier cakes for $160 and 5 tier cakes for $235. That started me to thinking...Will the wedding really be remembered for the cake? By the time the alcohol, food and dancing is in the mix will where the...

I was quoted prices on the cake between $275-$300. I was browsing Walmart yesterday and they have 3 tier cakes for $160 and 5 tier cakes for $235. That started me to thinking...Will the wedding really be remembered for the cake? By the time the alcohol, food and dancing is in the mix will where the cake come from make a difference. Seriously, next year they will be talking about the overall awesome time and not the cake.


  • Mrs. Clark aka Mrs Awesomepants
    Master November 2011
    Mrs. Clark aka Mrs Awesomepants ·

    If you have a publix near you, they do awesome cakes and they taste yummy! theres no reason to blow your budget on a cake

  • Stephany
    Beginner June 2011
    Stephany ·

    As a cake decorator, I have seen some really what would have been tramatizing moments when it came to assembly/delivery. One of the benefits to going with an actual bakery is the satisfaction of knowing that if there is a mishap, which happens WAY more than you think, the decorator is there to fix it on the spot. Also, if you go with a bakery you are more likely to get a fresh cake. Most supermarkets have cakes in the freezer for MONTHS before they get used.

  • Len Woelfel
    September 2019
    Len Woelfel ·

    No matter what part of your day you're talking about, SOMEONE will remember it, for better or for worse. We had stations at our wedding, and one friend keeps talking about the turkey we had. BTW, we were married in 1987. The question becomes, is it worth the extra money TO YOU? Remember, tho, that cakes aren't just about flour and sugar. There's a bit of skill and artistry involved. Maybe Wally can deliver the same level. Maybe not.

  • Sharlean
    Devoted October 2010
    Sharlean ·

    Do not go the grocery store route. Use a baker if possible. Yes people remember the taste of the cake. Our cupcakes were so moist and flavorful, guests were asking for the bakers business cards!

  • Mrs. Reid
    Master May 2011
    Mrs. Reid ·

    Really who talks about the cake unless they are a cake But I was talking to my baker and I am getting a sheet cake from Bj's that will be cut up for the guest and I will have a two tier cake with this design. Who really know the difference between Betty Crocker and Dunkin Hines???

  • 2d Bride
    Master October 2009
    2d Bride ·

    People talked about our cake, because it was made by NotFroofy, and several people said it was the most delicious cake (wedding or not) they had ever tasted. However, when you are working with a budget, you can't always have the "best" of everything. It's better to have a super DJ (if that is what matters to you) and a forgettable cake than to try to make both a little better and end up with both of them being kind of forgettable.

    I went to my brother's wedding in 2006. Looking back on the pictures now, I realize that their cake (made by the bride's brother) had only very simple decorations. However, as a guest at the time, I just thought it looked nice, and didn't pay that much attention.

  • Andrene
    Master October 2011
    Andrene ·

    I'm a big cake fan so do look forward to that at weddings. For my own both taste and looks are important to me so am spluring on one from the bakery.

  • binx
    Master August 2010
    binx ·

    Our cake was part of the package as long as we went to the preferred vendors. we did pay a little extra for what i wanted but it was only a little over $100. so check with your venue's contract to see if a cake is part of the contract. if not, i suggest getting a fake cake 3-tier but with one of the tier's be real. then a sheet cake from walmart or wherever, your guests won't know the difference.

  • FutureMrsClark
    Devoted April 2011
    FutureMrsClark ·

    The only reason I even want a reception is the cake, so I would spend the money and get the cake from a bakery. I love cake

  • Christina
    Devoted September 2011
    Christina ·

    I always remember the cake at every wedding!!! Quality and taste is important to me and there's no way I would get my cake from Walmart. It's your wedding- you can eat Walmart cake anytime!

  • Ivonnia
    Devoted November 2011
    Ivonnia ·

    Wow, I had no idea Walmart had that option. Actually the price you quoted isnt bad at all. Its worth the money if it taste good and looks great why not. Me personally I would buy it at specific bakery store that handles wedding cakes because they have a great suggestions and can sometimes work with your budget. Good Luck

  • Nancy Taussig
    September 2019
    Nancy Taussig ·

    I would NOT buy a Walmart cake.

    Publix Supermarkets do have very good cakes -- I buy them for birthdays -- love their carrot cake.

    A professional wedding cake baker will make a delicious cake, decorate it, deliver it, and set it up.

  • Sara
    Super February 2012
    Sara ·

    I don't recommend Walmart cake it is always way too sweet fake tasting.

    However, try some of your higher end grocery stores. I know that we have Vons out here in California and their cake is amazing. Decor can always be kept simple and accented with flowers

  • Karen
    VIP August 2011
    Karen ·

    I'm going with a grocery store (Lambs Thriftway) that I believe is local only to the Northwest. They are renown for their cakes and I booked them after one (free) tasting. I went to the Portland Bridal Show and there were several other bakeries there and I have to say, my store's tasted better than the bakeries that were there. The price was only minimally less though.

  • Stephany
    Beginner June 2011
    Stephany ·

    The hard thing about tasting cakes at a bridal show is of COURSE theyre going to bring their freshest, best stuff... but what about the rest of the time?

    ANd even before I was a professional cake decorator, I always checked out the cake and i can honestly say I remember every cake, more so than what the favor was, or what the dj played.

    oh, another tip though... having a kitchen cake in the back is a great idea, but only if your frosting is just plain white buttercream, otherwise the guests can TOTALLY tell that the cake theyre getting isnt what they saw. If the cake they saw was an ivory fondant cake and they have white buttercream in front of them they tend to talk about it... I know this because the few times that a bride hasnt listened to me and did what she wanted she came back and told us all about what the guests said... yikes!

  • Elizabeth
    Master October 2012
    Elizabeth ·

    My uncle got his cakes from either Wal-Mart or HEB. My sister made hers. Why waste all that money? Most of the time the guest complain about the cake anyways.

  • Rachel W. de L.
    VIP June 2011
    Rachel W. de L. ·

    My husband is a Pastry chef and he didn't want the hassle of creating his own wedding cake, so it took us months to find someone who would do it to his standards AND for a price we can afford. I say go with whatever works for the both of you and is easiest. I'm seriously looking forward to our cake, because I know we put a ton of work into finding it... but everyone has different priorities of what is most important in their wedding. So go with what is important to you!

  • Lisa Davenock
    September 2019
    Lisa Davenock ·

    Whoever you go with, at least have a tasting before you buy, unless you really don't care what it tastes like. At one wedding I photographed, every table looked like this at the end of the night. Apparently the cake was really, really bad.

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