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Bridesmaid gifts- what are you giving?

Maddy, on August 8, 2013 at 5:19 PM Posted in Planning 0 37
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Hi, I'm trying to decide what to give my bridesmaids and wanted to get some input. I have a list of gift ideas, but I don't know what's too cliche or boring. Here's my list: http://avelist.com/list7747

What are you all giving? And what do you think of these ideas/does anyone have any other unique ideas?



  • Alycia
    Expert October 2013
    Alycia ·

    Shop like it was their birthday. Stay away from anything that says "bridesmaid" or has your wedding dte, etc. anything for te actual wedding day doesn't count either- hair, make up, jewelry, etc. they can each get different things as long as te price is relatively equal. Have fun shopping, don't stress over it

  • Mallory Abroad
    Master October 2014
    Mallory Abroad ·

    I asked mine what she wanted, she told me.

    Otherwise yep shop like it is their birthday

    I would stay away from things with bridesmaid written on, or personalised or anything.

  • Kim
    Super June 2018
    Kim ·

    Robe, jewelry, personalized tumbler, and payign for hair.

  • STBMsMullings
    Super July 2015
    STBMsMullings ·

    Whats wrong with personalizing Mallory? I'm just asking cause I was going to..please tell me so I won't!

  • L
    Master February 2015
    LetItSnow ·

    Why not a clutch purse they can use on the day of the wedding? Or buy their jewellery that you want them to wear on the day of. These things can be used again without screaming 'your wedding' while still holding the sentimental memory of where they came from.

    Robes are overdone.

  • Shannon A
    Master May 2014
    Shannon A ·

    I think personalizing is fine, but if it says "bridesmaid" they might not ever wear it again. I bought their earrings, and i am making them hangers with their names in the wire.

  • ToniMarieLovesJustin
    Dedicated September 2017
    ToniMarieLovesJustin ·

    A cute robe that they can wear while getting ready for the wedding, and I'm not sure what else yet!

  • Taylor
    Savvy April 2014
    Taylor ·

    I love your list! I'm leaning towards getting my girls their "day of" jewelery. I haven't picked out the bridesmaid dresses yet, so I'm not sure about what style jewelery. I'm going to personalize it in the fact that each girl will have something that matches their personality yet still flows for the pictures.

    I think a picture frame engraved with your wedding date would be cute also.

  • Eleanor
    VIP October 2014
    Eleanor ·

    I think wedding jewelry is ok as the gift if its something they actually like. I would stay away from anything with your wedding date.

  • Mallory Abroad
    Master October 2014
    Mallory Abroad ·


    Nothing personalized relating to wedding. No 'bridesmaid' no date nothing like that.

    Now if you would for a birthday or Christmas get them something personalized with their name fine (if it suits them and you) but don't just because it is your wedding. It won't be used and it doesn't need extra 'sweetness' it needs thoughtfulness and something that will be appreciated and used.

  • Tiffany
    Dedicated August 2013
    Tiffany ·

    I was giving them jewelry, but I did have personalized flask made with pink diamonds...:/

  • Jennifer S.
    Expert September 2013
    Jennifer S. ·

    I'm making their jewelry. My MOH is hard to shop for, so I figured instead of making her go out and by jewelry to go with her dress, I would make it for her!

  • Tiffany
    VIP May 2017
    Tiffany ·

    Not a darn thing! JK I really haven't decided if I want bridesmaids. Maybe if I did my BFF and my FSIL.

    Gift basket including:


    Coffee mug

    Flip flops

    Thank you note


    Jewerly and Jewerly box

    Thank you note


    If it is them two I may pay for the dress, hair and makeup if I can afford it.

  • Kelly
    VIP February 2014
    Kelly ·

    So I have so far started with these cute little tote bags that I bought from a site that may or may not start with a V and has P in it some where.... and they are really cute. They have their initials and i was able to customize each one of them with whatever saying I wanted to say. I will likely buy their jewelry for the wedding, and maybe I will get them something else, but I havne't figured out that yet. Therefore, I shall stalk this post.

  • Future Mrs. Coombs
    VIP March 2014
    Future Mrs. Coombs ·

    I'll be getting them a clutch with their favorite little things in it, their jewelry and getting their nails and toes done the day before our ceremony.

  • Meilani
    Devoted July 2014
    Meilani ·

    I'm getting cosmetic bags personalized with their initials and I'm making homemade sugar scrubs to go in them.

  • Katie
    Expert October 2013
    Katie ·

    I got mine robes with their first initial.

  • TheNewMrsT
    VIP October 2013
    TheNewMrsT ·

    I got mine each cute beach bags, foot jewelry to wear on the day of wedding, a tumbler to use while at the resort, their earrings, and lastly picture frames that say the best of friends that I intend on putting a pic of me and each one of them and give it to them at the reception weeks later back home

  • Private User
    Super October 2013
    Private User ·

    I bought each of them:

    -flask w/ their initial on it

    -tote bag (free from vp!) w/ their name, filled with:






    -sticky notes


    -nail polish & remover

    -pedi kit

    -owl keychain


    -candy corn scented candle (smells so good!)

    -paying for their hair

    I half-DIY'd-or-fully made them:

    -robe with initial on it in crystals that I did from a transfer

    -flip flops (again, thanks for the help, @Reenski!)


    -hair combs to wear at the wedding that I gave them at the shower

    It looks like a lot but a lot of it was just cute little cheap stuff from the dollar section at Target! My favorite place to shop. haha

  • ApleScrufs
    Devoted August 2014
    ApleScrufs ·

    Alex and ani bracelets with their birthstones

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