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We got pregnant 23 years ago, and we eloped. Young and broke, we couldn’t pay for a wedding. Now, we have the opportunity to renew our vows and have a... View More

We got pregnant 23 years ago, and we eloped. Young and broke, we couldn’t pay for a wedding. Now, we have the opportunity to renew our vows and have a private wedding on Hawaiian beach, with our 3 kids. Just as I always dream about since I dated him. Followed by honeymoon we never had ❤️

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July 23, 2021

267days 1hrs : 1min
10.04.2020 Wedding pictures!
ARIEL, Today at 9:54 PM

10.04.20. What an amazing day! I think I’m the first to say that even though it was perfect, I would not do it again. One and done. I wanted it to be just us in Bali but he wanted a big wedding and I...

Alli, 22 minutes ago 7
To pasta or not to pasta
Brittney, Today at 9:54 PM

Hi! I found this post on Pinterest and I was wondering what you guys thought. Would you guys go with the usual steak, chicken or salmon route; or would you guys think pasta was filling/ "classy"...

Brittney, 9 minutes ago 15
Mother of the Bride Color
Lindsay, Today at 5:05 PM

Need some help! My main wedding attire colors are plum and navy. My girls will be wearing plum dresses and the men will be wearing navy suits and plum accents. What colors would compliment these for a...

Lindsay, 18 minutes ago 11
Questioning the importance of decor
Lindsey, Today at 5:39 PM

I recently attended a wedding and really did not may much attention to the decor - me who is planning a wedding and 24/7 looks at wedding decor on pinterest.. Of course I noticed it but it didn’t...

Melle, 47 minutes ago 12
a couple who married the same day as my husband and I, now have covid
Elaine, Today at 3:27 PM

A couple who married the same day as my husband and I, now have COVID. They tested positive. My mom just called me to tell me the news. I know this couple, they went ahead with their wedding plans,...

Tiger Bride, An hour ago 6
Unsure on Veil
Mandolin, Today at 1:37 PM

When I bought my dress, I bought a veil with it (~$315). At the time, I liked it, but I think I found one I love more on Etsy ($120). I’m not sure what to do! I can’t return the first...

Mandolin, 7 hours ago 6
Trunk Show advice!
Rachel, Today at 1:09 PM

Hi, Everyone - I need some opinions on what to do here... as I mentioned in my previous post yesterday, there's a bridal boutique here in Sacramento that is offering some Hayley Paige trunk shows...

Tiger Bride, An hour ago 8
Ideas on staying warm...
Cassandra, Today at 12:16 PM

When we planned our wedding it was going to be near the beginning of October (75-85°F) but because of some unfortunate circumstances it's now the end of this month one the 30th and the projected...

Cassandra, 3 hours ago 17
Update: scared of my photographer
Asia, Yesterday at 12:46 AM

Let’s talk Wedding Day Photographers, Soooo you know if I’m in the forum I am here to discuss vendors... or something has went terribly wrong or exceptionally well... What do you do when you finally...

Kelly, 46 minutes ago 63 1
Black & White Spring Vow Renewal
Brittnee, on October 26, 2020 at 4:36 PM

Hi, My husband and I are renewing our vows in the spring and we haven’t decided on colors yet. I LOVE the look of black and white with some gold. Does that seem odd for a spring wedding? If so, do you...

Brittany, Yesterday at 2:26 PM 5
Venues ! Please help
Johcovia, on October 26, 2020 at 1:28 PM

Is it me or these country clubs charge a lot for weddings? The food and beverage minimums are ridiculously expensive 😩

Cassidy, Oct 26, 2020 17
Sheath Dress; thinking of adding tulle overlay skirt
Caitlyn, on October 25, 2020 at 12:54 PM

I bought my dress couple months ago. Definitely didn’t think I’d buy on my first dress shopping run and it kind of took me by surprise that I bought myself this one. I loved it on but definitely...

Lynnie, Oct 26, 2020 10
Abusive Spouse Plus One?
Madison, on October 24, 2020 at 8:28 PM

So my MOH is with someone who has been physically abusive to her in the past. I despise this person and my fiancé and I agreed that we really do not want them at our wedding. I don’t want to do...

Katie, Yesterday at 10:54 AM 18
Miya, on October 24, 2020 at 2:58 PM

Hiiiiiiii, what do you guys suggest or have used for a low cut front and back dress?

Madelin, Oct 25, 2020 10
Couples getting married on December 26, 2027
Jasmine, on October 23, 2020 at 9:26 PM


Olusola, Oct 25, 2020 14
The knot is now tied
Elizabeth, on October 24, 2020 at 5:57 AM

Sample photos of our precious moments

MIWM, Oct 26, 2020 30 1
Should i use falsies or not?
Kris, on October 24, 2020 at 11:40 AM

This is how I'm doing my eye makeup for the wedding. This is just mascara . . . Should I use falsies?

anna, 10 hours ago 17 1
How much for bridal bouquet and boutonnières?
Lindsey, on October 24, 2020 at 9:17 AM

I have a meeting with a florist on the 30th but i’m not sure what to expect for cost at all. We’re only doing the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres (4) through a florist to save money. I don’t have a...

Talia, Oct 26, 2020 8
Ring(s) Insurance
Belle, on October 23, 2020 at 7:33 PM

How much are you paying for your ring insurance? Get all the jewelry insured or just the engagement and wedding rings? Please adviceTIA❤️

anna, 10 hours ago 19
Engagement Ring for Him
Elizabeth, on October 23, 2020 at 10:03 PM

I have found an engagement ring for myself. Now I just need to find one for him. Does anyone have any leads on a man's ring that would go with this one?

Elizabeth, Oct 26, 2020 9