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Unveiled Wedding Photography is an experienced wedding photography company located in San Diego, California. Mark, the owner, started the business in 1998 and often works with his wife and partner, Stacy, to photograph all the details of your special day. With their photojournalistic photography style, they aim to capture your wedding day authentically while providing clean and timeless images.

Services Offered
With six wedding packages available, Unveiled Wedding Photography has services that fit your needs and budget. Their most popular package includes booking only one event per day so that the focus can be on you and your wedding. Wedding portraits, engagement sessions and trash the dress shoots are a few of the photography sessions Unveiled Wedding Photography can capture. Additional services, such as the option to have them travel to your wedding destination, make them an ideal choice. Other services offered are:

  • High-resolution images
  • Liability insurance
  • Multiple locations
  • Second shooter
  • Additional hours

Products Offered
Unveiled Wedding Photography provides different products, including thank you cards, so you can make the most of the beautiful images from your special day. Products include:

  • Albums
  • Digital files
  • Negatives
  • Prints

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Regions serviced: San Diego

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We had Mark and Ryan to shoot our wedding and they were awesome! First of all, unveiled photography has the best indoor and outdoor phots. I browsed pages after pages of galleries on Yelp and Google. Unveiled had the best balance of light, shadow, and color for indoors, while the outdoors are always excellent.
Mark is also fantastic at capturing different angles and moments, including the wonderful laughing moments of my mom who refuses to smile in front of a camera. I knew that unveiled is the wedding photography I wanted to go with before I knew anything else about my wedding. Second of all, Mark does an absolutely detailed and perfect time analysis. I never thought of how important it is. But the time line actually eventually became the most essential thing in my while wedding. It's not just about the sunset and lighting, most importantly it controlled everyone's stress. We had plenty time for photo shoot, hang out with guests, eat and play. I was so happy to find unveiled and got to work with Mark and his team! I can't say enough of good things :)

Profile Picture Fan, 5/12/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

Unveiled Wedding Photography
This is the Photographer you are looking for!
I contacted several photographers, and after letting them know I had a budget and it was going to be a Star Wars wedding... most seemed to be ‘ok’ with the idea of a Star Wars wedding, but not willing to work with me on my budget. Mark took the time to talk to me, he explained what he could do -which was nice after hearing what all the others couldn’t do. He said he had just the guy to shoot my wedding, Paul. Mark and I had several conversations, he is extremely knowledgeable about the flow/timeline of a wedding. We agreed on a price, and he sent out the contract and asked for me to come up with a photo list-all the pics you want to make sure they get. Mine was REALLY long, he was extremely patient and professional and we worked on getting it down to something they could actual manage in the time they had. Cut to the day of the wedding, all that detail and planning flew out of my head, but Paul and his asst Ghia took over! Ghia was reassuring and calming, AND was able to make sure we were getting in all those pics I wanted. And then there’s Paul, wow! First of all, he is professional, kind, and has a really great eye! If he asks for your shoes, your bouquet or your rings... just hand them over!!! He took the most amazing pics and really captured the love and joy of the day!! Ghia, Paul and Mark were the photographers I was looking for!! I highly recommend them!!

Photo of Unveiled Wedding Photography in San Diego, CA
Photo of Unveiled Wedding Photography in San Diego, CA
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Profile Picture Lori, 3/3/18, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

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Mark and his team are supreme professionals with a relaxed and easygoing approach to their wedding photography. It has been my pleasure to work with them over the years and I am always impressed with their final product.


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619-660-2712 (phone)