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About Svetlana Bridal Couture

Svetlana Bridal Couture offers a variety of designer wedding dresses and couture bridal gowns


Our salon offers the finest couture gowns designed and manufactured in Europe by a variety of talented designers including Svetlana herself. We maintain a fresh mix of couture gowns by adding 2-3 new designs every month. We want our brides to be individual and wear a one of a kind wedding gown not found at any other bridal salon of New York or anywhere else in the USA. If your wedding is months, or weeks away, don't worry! At Svetlana Bridal Couture you can walk out with the dress the same day! We sell all of our in-store dresses as well!


At Svetlana Bridal Couture, we want you to feel not only gorgeous but also comfortable on your special day, that is why we pay extra attention to details when it comes to alterations. We ensure you that our alteration experts will make the dress fit your body perfectly. 


Despite the fact that most of our display gowns are in sample sizes, we are also the proud creators of plus size masterpieces. We are more than happy to help our full figured brides look stunning on their wedding day.


If you didn’t find a gown of your dreams, don’t worry. Our consultants will help you customize a dress by choosing a design you like, adding, substituting, or eliminating some details to make the dress perfectly yours. It takes about 2-8 months from time of order to delivery of the dress, however if time is limited we will be happy to work with you to get you your gown earlier. 


Along with our beautiful and chic wedding dresses, we also carry a wide range of veils, headpieces, jewelry, and customized champagne flutes. The assortment of bridal accessories is unique to Svetlana Bridal Couture and is not available anywhere else in New York or USA


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Regions serviced: Westchester, New York City

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I visited Svetlana Couture on President's Day, grateful they were open and available since I was having work done on my car and had some time to kill. I previously only tried dresses on at David's Bridal, but knew I needed to try on more dresses to find The One. My first impression of the boutique was that it was very small, but they offer a unique variety of options exclusive to the boutique, designed by Svetlana, I learned. Natalia made me feel very comfortable, and after showing her a few dress pics, she pulled about 5 dresses. When trying them on, each dress was pretty in its own way, some more flattering on me than others, but near the end, Natalia decided to pull a 2 piece-dress, consisting of a strapless sweetheart lacy corset and ruffled skirt. It had no train, which is exactly what I wanted. I was trying to avoid alterations, and the dress fit me perfectly! I was also trying to stick to my budget, so Natalia let me buy the floor sample in order to get it closer. I do wish it was still a little less expensive, that would be my only negative comment. I didn't buy the dress on the spot, as I had an appointment to go to Amelia's Boutique right afterwards. But I came back to Svetlana Couture and purchased the dress! I'm very happy that I have this important piece of the wedding process completed, and that it met my needs. I'm also happier supporting a local business, rather than the giant wedding industry machine. I highly recommend Svetlana Couture!

Profile Picture Melody, 10/27/18, 1 Review
Category: Unique Services (Other)

Natalia was the best, and I would recommend svetlana bridal couture to anyone. She was so caring and attentive, and down to earth. I had a great, stress-free experience and I am so happy I found her! My dress is perfect!

Profile Picture Nastaran, 9/22/18, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

This shop is amazing! the owner, Natalia was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the process and was willing to work with me when I asked for a pop of color in my dress! it turned out exactly the way I had hoped and fits like a glove. I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day!! the shop is small and you get one on one attention and top notch service. this was the only place I went to and only tried on about 6-7 dresses. she made what could have been an overwhelming, tiresome process totally fun and manageable! i would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone looking for a wedding dress!!

Profile Picture Christina, 8/26/18, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

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Beautiful, unique wedding gowns and impeccable service.

Svetlana is truly amazing! Def go and meet with her! Let Glam know your working with Svetlana!

If you're looking for your wedding dress or bridal gown, Svetlana Bridal is an awesome shop located in Larchmont NY (Westchester area). They have a wide range of sizes and best collections of accessories. Just make an appointment you'll be amazed their personalized customer service. What more you could ask for! Highly recommended!

If you are looking for some the latest and hottest sure to check out our friends at Svetlana Bridal Couture!


1989 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538   See On Map
914-630-4220 (phone)