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Meet Dawn

She is a New England native who grew up a short drive from Boston in Plymouth, Massachusetts. After high school she found herself in the city she has been in since and the one she fell in love with, New York. Dawn attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn as an illustration major. After receiving her B.F.A she then immersed herself in the fashion world where her experiences truly brought out the qualities that drove her toward this industry, such as color concepting, sketching, color theory, both fashion and graphic design, materials and styling. She is a certified event and wedding planner from Longevity Wedding Planning Institute and has been featured in Style Me Pretty and The Knot Magazine.

She strives to balance the glamorous with the humble and the refined with the gypsy.

She favors authentic materials and intimate details that relate back to each individual. She grew up wandering endlessly through her grandmother's aged treasures and flowers in her green house. She favors antique markets and vintage shops over party supply stores. This is because she truly adores the hunt for the perfect accent piece that will inevitably make your wedding or event a reflection of you. 

Things She Adores...

  • Water Colors
  • Champagne
  • Sequins
  • Vintage details
  • Dance parties
  • The beach
  • Disco balls
  • Modern Art
  • Brunch
  • Her Cat Gerri
  • Her Husband 
  • NYC
  • Travel
  • Reruns of Sex and The City
  • Brunch with friends

Categories: Wedding Planner

Regions serviced: New York City

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22 Reviews for Skylar Arden Events and Design

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I wasn't totally sure I wanted to hire a planner because I had booked all the big stuff - DJ, Venue, Florist, Officiant, etc. and wasn't sure if I could afford or wanted to spend additional money on a planner for the month of. Now, after the fact, I honestly don't know what I would have done without Dawn, she was worth every penny. Dawn was amazing. She was so flexible and always came to me, was very easy to talk to and understood my vision for the day, and she took on all of the little nitty gritty tasks the month and weeks leading up to the big day that I didn't have time or energy to focus on. She was also SO helpful on the day of the wedding and helping to set up the venue and the flowers and arrange all of the other elements. When I walked in, I didn't really know what to expect but she made it look beyond what I could have imagined and it felt so warm, inviting, and intimate - exactly what I was hoping for. Chris her assistant is also the most cheerful guy and always has a smile on his face. They are a great team! If you are still deciding to hire a planner and aren't sure what to do, I definitely recommend it so you can focus on your big day and soak up every moment and you cannot go wrong with Dawn & Chris.

Profile Picture LEELA, 6/24/18, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

We cannot recommend Dawn enough. If you're wondering if a month-of planner is an unnecessary splurge, I'm here to say, hello from the other sideeeee - HIRE DAWN.

It is incredible how much of over a year of wedding planning actually comes together in the final days before your wedding, right when all of the guests arrive and excitement builds and everyone is getting stressed. For this time specifically Dawn is a lifesaver and worth every one of your pennies. She is also a wonderful florist and made the most beautiful DIY centerpieces for us that bring me joy every time I look at photos, one of a million little details she took care of perfectly.

Finding Dawn took our wedding from overwhelming to fun and easy. We were both busy with work, I have a handicapped Mom who couldn't help with tasks, and as the wedding approached we realized we needed extra help for the homestretch. So we found Dawn as our month-of planner. Her easygoing attitude, attention to detail and genuine care for the people she partners with made it a no-brainer.

Dawn is organized, gracious and calm. Every time we asked her anything she had all the answers, and replied almost instantaneously. Dawn's assistant, Chris, was also a pleasure to work with.

However our venue posed many challenges in planning and also on our wedding day - but the best thing about Dawn was that she told us exactly as much as we needed to know to get what she needed to get done, done. We were not burdened with the whole truth of the situation and experienced a perfect wedding because she planned it that way (and dutifully kept the couple getting married away from the problems.)

After the wedding Dawn did what she could to help us understand the depth of the situation with the venue and offered solutions, which was above and beyond her job requirements. But she's just the kind of person who cares about the work she does and can be depended on to do the right thing even after the event is over. Hire her!

Profile Picture Kylie, 6/9/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Full Planning, Timelines, Referrals, Non-Religious, Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner

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Skylar Arden Events and Design is a wedding and Event Design Compant from Astoria, NY. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Brooklyn, Queens, and will travel outside of NY. Skylar Arden Events and Design is a professional wedding Planner that has been part of the New York wedding industry for three years. We specialize in creating a unique event that reflects the couples personalities.