Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group

Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group

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Lili`s Weddings Makeup Artist and Hair Styling Group 


     Best Makeup Artist and Hair Styles Traveling To You  Congratulation on your upcoming Wedding ! It is such an important day where it requires extra attention to details. We look forward to be a part.


We create the perfect Hairstyles and Makeup for all Special Occasion - such as Weddings and Proms , Homecomings , Quinceaneras , Sweet Sixteens you name it and we do any hair and makeup we achieve what we can do. We truly love what  we do 


We can handle any size of  bridal party in a timely, professional and efficient manner and it is our pleasure to work together and accomplish the individual vision of every client.


Our professional team offers on location beauty services for hair and makeup in Tampa and surrounding areas. 

Our president and founder, Lili Cassanova Signore, has over 25 years of experience as a professional hair stylist having worked for Disney, Busch Gardens, and many TV show celebrities as part of her portfolio. Lili's Weddings beauty services have been recognized by several local entities including Tampa Bay Weddings Magazine.

Let us help you look your best and enhance your natural beauty!  For your next event, avoid the hassle and wait in a beauty salon. Let Lili’s Weddings team come to you on location!  We are specialized in artistic makeup, Air Brush Makeup, Hair Styling and more!

We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater,Sarasota and everything in between all the way to Orlando. 

Please do not hesitate  to call us at (813) 313-6747 or email us at

We provide quality celebrity hair and makeup beauty services at affordable prices
 Bridal Hair and Makeup


Working with my daughter Alexandria we make the Dream time  making sure our brides look and feel beautiful on their special day


The selection of your hair style and makeup are very important to look the best on your wedding day. 
The pictures are the memories that you have from your wedding day 

We have the experience of working with many photographer to create your perfect look
Please contact us at 813-313-6747 or at or visit our website at


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Regions serviced: Tampa

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If I was having a wedding again I would book Lili's all over again. They were great, on time, and professional. My girls and I turned out beautiful .

Profile Picture Deirdre , 7/30/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

They were so awesome! She done mine and my girls makeup for our wedding and everyone looked amazing! She was so patient with my teenage girls and listed to exactly what they wanted

Photo of Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group in Tampa, FL
Photo of Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group in Tampa, FL
Photo of Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group in Tampa, FL
Photo of Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group in Tampa, FL
Profile Picture Miranda , 7/25/18, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

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Professional Network & Endorsements

simply amazing work!

Lili is amazing! She is such a pleasure to work with & truly care for her clients. She is an expert in her talent, a true artist and always puts the Bride first. I would recommend Lili for all the Brides I work with for her skill and care. She simply makes Brides look BEAUTIFUL!



13512 White Elk Loop, Tampa, FL 33626   See On Map
813-313-6747 (phone)
Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group is a wedding Makeup and Hair Service from Tampa servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Clearwater, St.Petersburg , and Sarasota . Lili`s Weddings Make-up Artist and Hair Styling Group is a professional Beauty Service that has been part of the Tampa wedding industry since 2007 specializing in Hair and Makeup .