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Inspired bridal veils, headpieces, and accessories.

Ellen Marie Design - Affordable couture for a truly special wedding!  Ellen Marie is a unique bridal accessories and veil designer.   Ellen Marie's on-line shop features modern and vintage inspired birdcage veils, couture bridal veils and accessories, unique bridal fascinators, bridal headpieces, bridal hats, headband veils, hair accessories, feather hair clips, hair flowers, and bridal jewelry.  Ellen Marie also specializes in bridesmaids veils and hair clips, and unique accessories for your wedding party.  Bridal accessories can be made to match your wedding color or theme.  You don't have to wear the same mass-produced accessories found in every bridal store:  why not wear something special as a unique reflection of your personal style?

Ellen Marie prides herself on providing exceptional customer service:  she guarantees you will be delighted with your bridal veil and accessories.  Ellen personally answers every inquiry:  feel free to send your bridal gown photos and inspiration ideas directly to her by email to EllenMariePDX [at] gmail.com to obtain a quote on your one of a kind bridal veil, headpiece, or accessories design.  Or browse available designs in her on-line store at www.EllenMarieDesign.com.

Ellen Marie Design Features:

Visit www.EllenMarieDesign.com to shop online.

Contact Ellen Marie by email at ellenmariepdx [at] gmail.com or visit her website for your custom headpiece designed to match your wedding theme and wedding gown.  Affordable couture for a truly special wedding.  Bring your wedding vision to life!

Ellen Marie is based in Portland, Oregon where she works from her private design studio.  You may schedule an appointment by email if you would like to discuss design ideas or to try on products in person.

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Ellen was absolutely fantastic! She listened to what I was hoping for and somehow interpretted my ramblings into a dream veil! Absolutely wonderful and incredibly reasonably priced for such a unique service.

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Profile Picture Betsy, 3/21/15, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

We're having a small ceremony with just the two of us. I contacted Ellen Marie design with only three weeks until the ceremony. We communicated via email and I was able to send her pictures of my dress, wrap and ideas about how I'd like to wear my hair, and the veil and flower colors/types that I liked. We were able to meet in person a week later and the owner had made several custom flowers for me to choose from that all matched my dress (blue chiffon). She also brought several veils for me to choose from, to ensure I got the one I wanted. I was very impressed with the responsiveness and flexibility of the owner. It was a great experience!

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Profile Picture User4709721, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

I love the quality and workmanship on the veil, it was really beautiful..EM ensures that the veil was carefully wrapped and packaged for delivery as well..I am very happy to know that despite being halfway across the world, EM takes in my order and was able to fulfill what they promised.

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Profile Picture Kelly, 1/5/13, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

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220x220 sq 1331318819724 bridalhatveil1
220x220 sq 1331318822602 bridalhatveil2
220x220 sq 1331318825581 champagneblackfeatherflower1
220x220 sq 1331318827129 champagneblackfeatherflower2
220x220 sq 1331318829164 dahliahairflowerfascinator1
220x220 sq 1331318830653 ellenmarieforeheadveil1
220x220 sq 1331318833126 ellenmarieforeheadveil2
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220x220 sq 1331318848158 ellenmarienoselengthclassicbirdcageveil1
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220x220 sq 1331318854315 ellenmarieshortbirdcageveilcutedge2
220x220 sq 1331318855894 ellenmarieshortbirdcageveilgatherededge1
220x220 sq 1331318857738 ellenmarieshortbirdcageveilgatherededge2
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220x220 sq 1331318861890 ellenmarietullebirdcageveilbandeau1
220x220 sq 1331318865204 ellenmarieveilsetfeatherflower1
220x220 sq 1331318867223 fabrichairflowerbandeauveil1
220x220 sq 1331318869221 lacecrownveilset1
220x220 sq 1331318870860 lacecrownveilset2
220x220 sq 1331318872857 silkchiffonhairflower1
220x220 sq 1331318874621 organzafeatherhairflower1
220x220 sq 1331318913706 flowerpetalveil12
220x220 sq 1331318876560 peonyhairflowerfascinator1
220x220 sq 1331318878442 rosefeatherbridalhat1
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220x220 sq 1331318882427 tullebirdcageveilnoselength2
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220x220 sq 1331318894788 bandeaubirdcageveilribbonrosecombs6
220x220 sq 1331318898011 birdcageveilwithpoufback2
220x220 sq 1331318901322 blackfeatherflowerveilset3
220x220 sq 1331318904204 blushpinkwhitealenconlacehatveil2
220x220 sq 1331318907747 bridalhattullepoufveil1
220x220 sq 1331318910878 coloredtullebirdcageveilpetal1
220x220 sq 1331318916640 grayblackcocktailhatfeathersveil4
220x220 sq 1331318920307 ivorycocktailhatableafappliqueveil5
220x220 sq 1331318924717 isadorashortanglebirdcageveil1
220x220 sq 1331318929769 lavenderflowerclipwithbirdcageveil2
220x220 sq 1331318932949 orangetullebirdcagepoufveil1pp
220x220 sq 1331318937341 pearldottedtullebirdcageveil3
220x220 sq 1331318941674 pearldottedtullebirdcageveilcolored4
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Ellen Marie Design Bridal Veils and Headpieces
2:18 minutes

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Choose your Ellen Marie birdcage veil, bridal fascinator, hair flower or hair feather clip and accessories, and get 10% off your entire purchase. Visit this link and the discount coupon will be applied. http://www.ellenmariedesign.com?code=weddingwire Bring your wedding vision to life with a unique veil, headpiece or custom design. Why be ordinary when you can have affordable couture style? Ellen Marie can design a style to match your gown, and make matching hair clips for your bridesmaid

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By far some of the most beautiful bridal accessories I have ever seen. If you are looking for the one thing that will make your wedding look complete it's an Ellen Marie accessory. Handmade with love and passion for beauty, Ellen Marie's veils, fascinators and jewelry are the perfect addition to any bridal gown or bridesmaid ensemble.


Portland, OR 97212   See On Map
503-313-4566 (phone)