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25 Reviews for clm weddings

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CLM Has gone downhill big time....Christie met with us in March of 2011 which just so happened to be right around the time she took a job in San Francisco CA working at Half Moon Bay.Granted neither of us nor any of the vendors in Vegas knew of this plan of hers. Also during this time she sold her house in Las Vegas and supposedly would fly back and forth for our meetings while we were picking out our vendors. She also stated that Stephanie (her assistant) would help us with any "slack" when Christie was not available. Well since our initial meeting with Christie we seen her one time and that was during our meeting at our venue the Four Seasons. Now I don't think a 80 - 100k budget for a wedding is that small. But once we decided to not use the Four Seasons because their initial cost for our reception alone was 74k, Christie was never heard from again. We have recently found out that Christie took the original Four Seasons quote, and marked it up another 15k before she sent it onto us. Needless to say Stephanie came in afterwards for Christie and has been greatly appreciated. However Steph also has been pulled in all directions because of Christies absence during the last 13 months. Christie even took our deposit of 1500 dollars and kept it without giving any to Stephanie (even though in the contract it states that the wedding coordinator should get all monies). Did Christie do anything at all to earn 1500 of compensation???? I think not. Even though we purchased the "Christie Package", we got pawned off onto her assistant Stephanie and did not get what Christie promised. If any bride or groom are looking to have CLM weddings for their wedding planner, I would highly suggest you look elsewhere as Christie is not around in Vegas anymore, she is working in Half Moon Bay CA for the Ritz Carlton, and she takes "kickbacks" from her special list of vendors -- even though she strictly stated at our first meeting that she did not do this practice. We are disgusted that her GREED came before our happiness on our special day.

Profile Picture Danielle, 4/14/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

I have to agree with the other low-rater: CLM is only for those with a massive budget who can afford their best packages. CLM seems accustomed to high-ticket weddings and when we came to them with a reasonable budget for a small wedding they assured us they could help, but time and time again they failed us and we had to find our own vendors.

The fact that we consistently found good quality vendors at better prices with very little effort goes to show that CLM is only interested in matching you with vendors they have agreements with - which is pretty normal - but CLM appears not to have agreements with anything but the creme de la creme, so if you have a modest budget, you'll end up planning most of your wedding anyway.

We did like the venue they picked out for us, until a member of my family overheard the event coordinator and our wedding planner (Stephanie, not Christie) badmouthing us before the ceremony.

Our wedding went off without a hitch, but almost none of that was attributable to CLM.

If you can afford to get Christie instead of an assistant and have a huge budget then I'm sure CLM could work for you, but the assistants are awful and CLM's vendors are expensive.

Profile Picture David, 11/5/11, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

When we met with Christie for the first time, we were quite impressed with her presentation. We were informed that there may be an intern who would help out with the wedding, but Christie assured us she would also be there every step of the way. The first meeting we were supposed to have with Christie's intern, Stephanie was a no show. We were told that the intern would contact us, we waited a month - it never happened. This was an immediate turn off, but we figured that since Christie was still there to support us, we'd let it slide.

All vendors that Christie suggested to us in the mean time were way overpriced for our budget, and we were getting a bit discouraged; we were worried that our moderate budget just wasn't enough and this was my first experience planning or being part of a wedding, so I had no idea what was considered fair as far as pricing goes.This is what I thought we hired a wedding planner for, but we quickly learned that we had to go find our own vendors if we wanted anything close to decent in our price range. What was the point? Maybe day of services would have been a better choice for us.

The entire experience and overall sinking feeling we got with the entire planning part of the wedding was that CLM was completely useless unless we had endless amounts of money to spend and go way over budget.

Finally, we meet with Stephanie. She seems friendly, we like her. Next thing we hear is that Christie is completely having Stephanie take over the coordination for our entire wedding but she will still be available if we need anything. Not so much, we never heard from or saw Christie ever again, even though we tried calling and emailing her several times. When we asked Stephanie about it, she said Christie would give us a call and that never happened either.

Stephanie seemed to be very easy going when it came to the flexibility of our event, with the change of venue (due to a stretched budget) and constant changes to the guest list which were all out of our control. It was pretty chaotic at times but again, this is why we hired CLM. However, on the day of the event, our early arrival family members witnessed the venue director unprofessionally complaining with Stephanie about our wedding in the main dining area before my husband and I arrived for our ceremony and it was very clear that the complaining was not TO but WITH. Now, I realize I was not the one who witnessed this but I also know these multiple family members would never make something like that up. Even though Stephanie completely denied being a part of this conversation, we were not happy with the way she chose to (not) address the issue and Christie (surprise surprise) still has yet to even reply. As usual, I had to personally handle the issue myself with the CEO of the restaurant/venue.

Honestly, I think CLM may have once been a very nice wedding planning and coordination service and I don't know what happened in 2011 but this company has gone way down hill if what other reviewers claim is true. This was an awful experience and I would love nothing more than for Christie to take ownership of our bad experience but I have given up, based on her level of professionalism.

Profile Picture Jilliene, 11/5/11, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning