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About Blue Skies Weddings and Events

The difference between something good and something extraordinary is “Attention to Detail!”

Blue Skies Weddings and Events in a full service wedding and design company offering an array of planning services from our Couture Coordination/Day-Month of to our Inclusive Vendor Collections, Style and Design, Furniture Rentals and More!

All of our couples experience our "Couture" 5 Star Services and our  team thrives on the quote, "To create something exceptional, you must be relentlessly focused on the details"! We love DETAILS!!!

We love partnering with couples to customize their perfect one-of-a-kind wedding day with the inspiration that captures our couples love story together.  We take great pride into understanding that every detail matters and exceeding our couples vision; leaving an ever-lasting impression on both our couples and your guests! So, sit back, enjoy your engagement, and let us take reins to bring your dream wedding day come to life!

With Our Team, It's Always a memorable and beautiful Blue Skies Day!!!



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Regions serviced: Tampa

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53 Reviews for Blue Skies Weddings and Events

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AMAZING!—the first word that comes to mind. Samantha and her team were professional, quick to respond, on top of EVERYthing from start to finish. Always following up on our questions, coming up with solutions to last minute problems that arose, stepping in to be the “go between” to keep the peace, making sure everything was just how the bride wanted it. We couldn’t have made it through our daughter’s wedding without her help. I would definitely recommend Samantha. She makes it all happen and does it all with efficiency and a big smile! She is great at what she does and you can tell she enjoys her job. Best wedding coordinator ever!

Profile Picture Traci, 6/9/18, 1 Review
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Unique Services (Other)

Samantha and Kelly made our big day run so smoothly!! Honestly I would give them 100 stars if I could. Samantha became our coordinator one month before the wedding after complications with our previous coordinator. I was super stressed about starting over with such short notice, but she went above and beyond! She always texted me back promptly, reached out to the vendors for me, and answered all of my many questions. The two of them were superstars on the day of the wedding and handled every single detail so that I stayed calm. It ended up being a perfect day for me, even though a few things went wrong. I am super thankful they jumped in and took care of everything so all I had to focus on was my new husband! Seriously Samantha is AMAZING, and I cannot praise her enough for all of her hard work!

Profile Picture Kaylynne, 6/9/18, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Religious, Ceremony, Reception, Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Partial Planning, Timelines, To-Do Lists

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6 Wedding Deals & Discounts

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Honoring our Heroes!

$400.00 Value | Promo Code: USA2018
Blue Skies Weddings and Events is honored to offer 15% Off of our Planning Services for Active and Veteran Military. We also provide 15% off for Law Enforcement, First Responders. We also love to support our Nurses and Teachers as you are VITAL to our community. Please note this is not valid on top of other offers.
1532957189 c3a8bf6b02f3c4b6 1528571702 330d2bb835d00fe1 1528571700 235b27d11fd092cc 152857
This deal has

$150.00 Off Planning and Design

$150.00 Value | Promo Code: Demi
$150.00 off our Demi Couture Planning Service which includes Planning and Design! Planning, Day of Management, Design Concept and so much more! Contact us today to check availability for your big day and schedule a consult call with one of our Lead Planners!
Offer Expires: 08/05/2018
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Christmas in July, Special Up To $300.00 Off

$300.00 Value | Promo Code: Christmasinjuly2018
A gift to bring some summer CHEER. With a goodie perfect this time of year. Because we love when YOU vow “I Do” that is our reason why, just think of it as Christmas in July! Blue Skies is excited to offer up to $300.00 off Planning Services!!! Email us today for more information on our Christmas in July special at!!! Valid through July 20, 2018 for new couple bookings!
Offer Expires: 07/27/2018
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This deal has

Celebrating our Hometown Hero’s and Educators

$12,000.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
Stonebridge Weddings and Events offers 10% Off of our venue packages for Active and Veteran Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders. We also love to support our Nurses and Teachers as you are VITAL to our community.
Offer Expires: 08/01/2018
220x220 sq 1523299771491 lifelongphotographystudiofortdesotoshoot19nologo
This deal has

It's going to be a "HOT- HOT" Summer of Savings

$1,095.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
It's going to be a HOT summer and the perfect time to save with our incredible HOT DEAL on our Planning Services for Summer Weddings in 2018! We are offering Our Day of Coordination Services at a Special Rate of $800.00 ($295.00 Off Our Rates) on our available summer dates in 2018! Contact us at to check availability for your big day!
Offer Expires: 07/29/2018
1532957189 c3a8bf6b02f3c4b6 1528571702 330d2bb835d00fe1 1528571700 235b27d11fd092cc 152857
This deal has

Celebrating our Heroes!

$1,095.00 Value | Promo Code: 2018Heroes
Blue Skies Weddings and Events offers 10% Off of our Planning Services for Active and Veteran Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders and Teachers.
Offer Expires: 07/29/2018

Professional Network & Endorsements

We love working with Blue Skies events! Their team is creative, passionate and caring. Their events are always beautiful and we consider it a privilege to capture them!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Blue Skies. They have a great team and are willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Their creativity and professionalism is among the best in the industry. They can and will help you to create the perfect look and atmosphere for your wedding or event. I look forward to working more with them in the near future!


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813.906.5848 (phone)
Blue Skies Weddings and Events is a wedding planner from Tampa Bay servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Sarasota, St. Pete, and Orlando . Blue Skies Weddings and Events is a professional planning service that has been part of the Tampa Bay wedding industry since 2011 specializing in weddings .