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Flawless Wedding Planning and Management Throughout New England

Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design offers creative and comprehensive wedding planning services throughout New England. Melanie Voros started Blissful Beginnings in 1997, driven by a passion for art and design, a love of festivity, and a desire to assist couples throughout New England to create special events with soul. With more than 20 years of experience in planning New England weddings, Melanie has forged close relationships with the region's most reputable vendors. Her attention to detail, creativity, and exuberance for her craft ensures that every event is a success!

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Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design knows that every wedding is unique and all services are customized to the unique nature of each event. We offer Full Scale Wedding Planning, Design, and Management for couples seeking comprehensive, professional attention. From majestic sea-side tents to grand city ballrooms or rustic family farms, Blissful Beginnings has the experience and expertise to make them flawless!

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Regions serviced: Boston, Portland, Concord

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76 Reviews for Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design

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Hiring Melanie was the best decision that I made in the whole wedding process second only to picking the groom. She was amazing and coordinated between all the vendors on the day. She made sure that I thought of everything that might be needed an executed the vision that I had seamlessly. Every vendor that she recommended was perfect and she made sure that everyone from the wedding party to my grandmother was where they needed to be on the day. She even vetted the Best Man speech which he finished writing the morning of. She is basically the Wonder Woman of weddings. if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her do not hesitate! She will make your day perfect.

Photo of Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design in Portsmouth, NH - Melanie introduced us to our photographers who were awesome.
Photo of Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design in Portsmouth, NH
Photo of Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design in Portsmouth, NH - We also found our officiant through Melanie.
Photo of Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design in Portsmouth, NH - Our florist, also an amazing Melanie find
Profile Picture Monica, 6/30/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Ceremony, Reception, Religious, Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Timelines, Referrals

I honestly don't know where to begin! Mel was EASILY the most important aspect of our wedding. I cannot imagine having planned our day without her. Firstly, she has so many amazing contacts in this industry. She recommended a killer band that our guests could not stop talking about. The live band made all the difference in the feel of the reception. She recommended our florist, who made me the most beautiful arrangements that I could ever imagine. She also recommended a rental company for extra things that made the reception perfect, like spot lights, linens, etc. The end result took our breath away.

Mel is an amazing planner. She has SO much experience, and that really helped us when we weren't sure about certain decisions. I felt like she guided us the whole way. She spent a lot of time just trying to get to know us so that she could understand our personalities and understand our vision for the wedding. She totally "got" us - her recommendations were always spot on!

Her responsiveness is also amazing. She always got back to me within a day. She was absolutely the most reliable part of our planning. No matter if it was a call, email, text, or smoke signal, I would hear back from her ASAP. She (somehow) remembered everything I told her. On the big day, I even saw some details and thought to myself, "oh yeah, I forgot I asked Mel to do that!!"

But the most important thing Mel did for us was give us peace of mind. She came to my house a week before the wedding and picked up all the "stuff" I had been harboring for the wedding. She took it ALL and kept it safe until the big day. It was an incredible relief to be able to enjoy the week approaching the wedding and just get excited. When we got to the reception space, I couldn't believe how it all came together. It's not just about saving us the work, it's about the peace of mind. She is not only a professional, caring wedding planner, but she is also one of the nicest humans I know!

Profile Picture Amy, 5/11/18, 1 Review
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Flowers, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning

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Professional Network & Endorsements

We absolutely adore Melanie! Not only is she so fun and lovely to be around but Melanie takes wedding planning to the next level. Every detail is thought of and she goes above and beyond to ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Melanie is wonderwoman and we're always thankful to work with her whenever we get the opportunity!

How to begin ...Melanie is the best planner on the planet! I absolutely love working with her as a vendor on her "rockstar" teams that she creates for her weddings. She is so easy to work with and the wedding day go so smoothly. I would highly recommend her to anyone planning an event.

Melanie has been great to work with for 15 years! She has good communication and detail oriented.

Melanie of Blissful Beginnings is one of the most detail oriented and organized wedding planners I have ever worked with. This woman can get things DONE! And always with the utmost attention to detail! As we all know, wedding planning involves more than just the wedding, and when a client comes to me overwhelmed with the details of finding lodging, planning the rehearsal dinner, designing floral arrangements, etc. that is when I call Melanie! And of course she is wonderful to work with in planning details at the restaurant. Not only is she organized, but she also has the experience to ask all the right questions in order to provide your perfect wedding. You will find yourself saying "Oh, I never thought of that!", but don't worry, Melanie is on it! Her high energy is infectious and everyone at On The Marsh just loves working with her!

We have worked with Melanie and Blissful Beginnings for many years, and it is inspiring to see her spirit, intuition and talent, create a colorful spectrum of unique offerings and advice, to each and every fortunate couple she works with. Her enthusiasm is sincere, contagious, creative and fun. Her visions and suggestions add a layer of depth, providing signature touches that make the difference, visually and in how the occasion plays out. Her vast experience and successes help gather just the right vendors for each couple and occasion style, and she works seamlessly along with them, from planning through event. Melanie is a genuine joy to work with!



Portsmouth, NH 03801   See On Map
603-490-1514 (phone)
Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design is a wedding Wedding Planner from New England. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Blissful Beginnings Wedding and Event Design is a professional wedding Planner that has been part of the New England wedding industry for 16 years. We specialize in Flawless New England Destination and Estate Weddings .