couple reciting vows

Photo: Pepper Nix Photography

Worried about writer’s block when finalizing your wedding vows? Here are 15 questions to answer before the wedding arrives.

1. He/she is the love of my life due to _.

2. I can be the best wife/husband by _.

3. I pinky promise to always _.

4. When he/she is down, I can lift him/her up by _.

5. He/she makes me laugh out loud during _.

6. He/she made me feel like _ the first time I met him/her.

7. And _ as he/she got down on one knee.

8. We complement each other well because _.

9. I knew I could not live without him/her when _.

10. I choose him/her because _.

11. I love him/her more than _.

12. I will encourage him/her to _.

13. I will inspire him/her to _.

14. He/she taught me to be _.

15. We have been the perfect pair ever since _.