What were your wedding weekend events?
My wedding is over a year away and we have had at least 10 different guests ask what we had planned for the weekend. So far nothing but the rehersal lunch (bridal party only) and wedding/reception. But now we think we should plan something fro Friday night.

The wedding will be in downriver Detroit in November (so maybe too cold for outside), and we want to do something fun, but inexpensive. Any ideas?

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Some people do brunches the day after the wedding or have activities planned during the weekend of.
We've got our rehearsal from 1-2pm the day before and the rehearsal dinner starting at 5pm after. I plan on visiting with my family/out of town guests Friday evening after the dinner.
Saturday is our wedding day.
Sunday we plan on having breakfast with family/out of town guests and opening gifts as well as packing and getting everything situated before we leave on our honeymoon Monday.

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That's really up to you. If you have a lot of OOT guests I might arrange something for Friday night - appetizers and they supply their own drinks?

But you don't have to do anything other than the rehearsal dinner/brunch and the wedding.

I am doing a brunch the morning after to open gifts with our families.

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We aren't doing anything official, but we have a lot of OOT guests and we're not leaving on our honeymoon until 2 days later, so we'll probably meet them all for lunch/dinner the next day somewhere. But we can't afford to pay for more! Our reception also ends at 5, so we may meet people at a bar afterwards. We have so many OOT guests though (at least 80 of the 116 coming) that we can't afford to pay for something else for them all to do! :) Some people invite them to the rehearsal dinner, but I think that in our case, that would be nuts.

About the brunch - the last wedding I went to had a brunch at 10am the day after and my FH and I were 2 of 5 people there. Everyone had partied after the reception, but it was a Thurs wedding and we were working Fri afternoon, so we went back to the hotel when the reception ended at midnight. No one else was awake yet 'cause they'd stayed up 'til dawn! Depending on your guests and the time of your reception, it might be a waste of money.

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Many people invite the OOT guests to the rehearsal dinner. Actually, in my family, it is the norm. Others have after parties and brunches. You might also want to give your guests a list of interesting areas they would like to see.

We are having a DW. All of our guests arrive on Friday, so we are having a welcome dinner. We will all have breakfast together Satuarday morning. We have organized a ride/car tour of the local scenic spots in Vermont for Saturday. The wedding/reception are Saturday evening and into the night. We will all be together for breakfast again on Sunday morning.
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