Welcome bags for out of town guests need ideas, please
Im having a destination wedding and I'm trying to think of what to put in the rooms, problem is we're going to have about 30 rooms at 2 different hotels. And some guest are coming by boat (it's at a yacht club on lake Erie )
I need inexpensive ideas what to put in bags and or what to put the stuff in? Please any ideas and where to get the stuff, I'm going to have a lot to bring with me

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Tiny Dancer
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FH and I hit the dollar store & Smart&Final. We found large to-go boxes in a plastic material that were the perfect size. We filled with mini bottles of water, mints, candy, granola bars, playing cards, dice, and fruit snacks. I'll also add a note with information on it, like when to pick up the shuttle. I would also put them together and consider shipping them direct to the hotel. One less thing to carry with you~

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I'm putting a "newsletter" with information about the area and the itinerary for the weekend with invitations (i.e. rehearsal dinner, golf outing, Sunday brunch and gift opening etc). Then some fun snacks such as my mom's homemade salsa, chocolate dipped pretzels and cake balls I'm making. :)

*Edit, we are doing a basket in the restroom at the reception with the sort of little things that people forget like Advil, bandaids, etc.
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(Where on Lake Erie I live right near there small world {-: ) Anyways, we are putting in our guest bags, a bottle of water with pretzels dipped in chocolate and a cookie shaped like a cake with our B&C on it. And some nuts. With a postcard welcoming our guest and thanking them for making the trip to spend this special day with us. and we are just using gift bags nothing special but fancy enough they don't look cheap. (which I got a good deal on them haha)

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i got welcome to our wedding bags from oriental trading. puting mini water bottles. Mike & Ike (grape) colors are purple yellow & gray. trying to find mini microwave popcorn (movie theme) donut holes from a local popular bakery. tea bags from local tea house. candy ring pops. directions to church & reception & details of events going on that weekend in town. i'm thinking of adding more snacks also. I was trying to do all local snacks but that gets expensive

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oops forgot also adding area attractions for them to check out.

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To Cayte, from Cleveland, getting Married @ CIC~~Catawba Island Club... So 1/2 the peolpe or more are staying the weekend. I did get fans, flip flops, to put out at the wedding besides all the party favors. So it is getting up there in price.
Plus rehearsal dinner were taking anyone that is coming in the night before up on boats to Put-in-Bay to Crews Nest for dinner and drinking. It's not my first wedding or his 3 rd for both so were trying to make it not so traditional. I don't even want to do programs, is that nessary? Is it too tacky to verbally ask people?

And I forgot, I'm putting info and flyers of things to do from the welcome center, I guess if you call they will put them together for you :-). Thank you all for ideas, but anything that would be great.
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Found this on another site and loved it, maybe it will help give you a few ideas : )

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Check out this site to see what we did. We were on a budget and got married in Chicago which is not where we are from so we had a ton of out of town guests. These bags were cute and had everyone talking and Costco helped keep its down.

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We can't wait...We love you!
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