Weding band on the inside or out?
I have a question, I am kinda confused,should I take my engagement ring off before the ceremony so that my band will be on the inside or should I leave it on and wear it on the outside after the engagement ring?
I have always heard hat the wedding band is supposed to be worn closest to the heart but I have never worn a set so I don't know for sure.

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Officially His Mrs P.
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usually brides put the e-ring on their right hand during the ceremony...afterwards they put it on top of the new band

Officially His Mrs P.
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on the outside

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You could have them sauntered (sp?) together so that you can put it on with the band on the inside, or you could have it put on the outside and then flip it over after the ceremony. I've also heard of people putting their engagement ring on their right hand and then transferring it over after the ceremony. I think this would be better if you're not sauntering it so that you don't have a ring already on your finger at the start of the ceremony.

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what you heard is true... wedding band closest to heart. I just slid mine off while he was holding my wedding band, and slid my ER back on after. I didn't want my ER not on and wanted it with me!

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I want to put it on the other hand, but my right ring finder is soo much bigger. I'm afraid it will get stuck. I can actually put it on my right pinky pretty securely. Ugh, that sounds like I have messed up hands huh?

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Your engagement ring goes on your right hand during the ceremony. After the ceremony, your engagement ring goes on (after) your band, so the band is closest to your heart.

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FH and i are going to have 10-15 min to ourselves after the ceremony where we will have champeign and chocolate covered strawberries and in that time we will have a private time to exchange more intimate vows and we will flip the rings and have a moment to reflect on what we have just experienced together!

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I'm putting my e-ring on my right hand during the ceremony and then afterwards switching it over. It's not a huge thing to me because I will have a band on both the outside and the inside. But still.

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The wedding band goes on the side closest to the heart.

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I was going to put my ering on my right hand but I have a different ring I want to wear with my I'm just going to either take it off quick or switch it. No biggie to me :-)

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Wedding band is normally suppose to go closest to your heart! And a lot of ppl et their rings saughtered together! That's what I'm going to do! Send my ring off a couple weeks before the wedding and just keep it in it's little box so it's all shinney and pretty when FS puts it on my finger on our wedding day! Hope this helps!

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When you do begin wearing both rings a lot of older couples and religious folks tell me that you wear you wedding band closest to your that would be inside.
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Yes, nearest the heart or on the inside is the tradition. I would hesitate to solder your two rings together. It works very well to wear your engagement ring on your right hand and then transfer it to your left after the ceremony.

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Thank you for all the help I am now gettiing married in one day and a wake up and I am so nervous but I think it is going to go great. Now all I have to worry about is if it is going to rain or not,OMG.

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congrats. i just stumbled upon this question and i've heard that wearing the wedding ring on the outside is a symbol of a hotwife just like a bracelet on the right ankle. to the fast growing alternative cuckold lifestyle, wedding ring on the outside symbol sex outside of marriage.
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