Wedding planner vs Wedding Coordinator
First of all i dont know the difference between the two and my fiance does not want to hire one he feels like they are too expensive from what he's been seeing on tv. Does anyone know how much they really cost?? i definitely need help in planning and organizing this big day on a budget of course!!!!

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My friend is on a 3,000$ budget and she hired a planner for I think 500-800$ and I personally think it was a huge waste of her money. Sorry any planner lovers out there, its just my opinion. I didn't know anything about weddings until I combed the internet, ect and you just learn like anything else.

I think she has come to regret it now too, the planner keeps referring her to vendors she can't afford. For example, she talked her into renting 500$ in linens & chair covers. She also recommended a 200$ hair stylist.

Now I have heard brides say they loved that they had them, obviously or they wouldn't exist any more. I guess just talk with some and see what they can offer you for a price you can pay. Are they going to accurately be able to help you stay in budget and find vendors? Thats the most important thing. Good luck.
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Hello Shawnae

Some people use the terminology as one meaning of someone who plans and coordinates or directs your wedding day. However a planner is the person who handles all the small details and schedules flortists,Disc Jockeys,books the wedding at the venue,etc. The coordinator is there to oversee and "coordinate" the wedding on the day of and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

You should definitely explain to your fiance that using a wedding coordinator or planner is definitely worth it. You have to pay them and this is why alot of people opt of using a coordinator but it is worth all the savings that you will receive. We as coordinators have established relationships with other wedding vendors meaning we can get discounts that you will not receive. So in return you will save money by using a coordinator. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me as I have reasonable prices and would love to assist you and your fiance.

Magen Johnson

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I am going to school to be a wedding planner and some of the things I have learned is that a wedding planner is there to ASSIST you in planning YOUR wedding. They are there to help you stay within your budget but still give you the wedding of your dreams. The reason that wedding planners are so great is because they have deals with a lot of different venders and can get you discounts and advice. The price varies because most wedding planners are self employed rather than work with a company. If you choose to hire a wedding planner you should do a lot of research. Make sure you hire somebody that you are completely comfertable with, not someone that you are going to be intimidated by or feel like you HAVE to go with their ideas or venders. Make sure you meet with more then one to see who you are most comfertable with. MOST wedding planners understand that this is your wedding and they are there to advise you and make your dreams a reality. Hope I helped. Happy planning and good luck!

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We were also on a $3000 budget so a professional wedding coordinator was out. What we did was asked a friend from church who did their wedding very similar to ours to be our coordinator. She had lots of great ideas, had me thinking of things I wouldn't have otherwise, and coordinated our day. She was really a lifesaver, and we only had to pay her $100 as a thank you. She actually told us to pay her what we were comfortable with, but that is what we went with. She was so worth it!

Mahvish H.

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I am a wedding planner and my plans begin at $500. To comment to last post, Wedding Planners assist you in your wedding and do not make the decisions.

You have to make sure that the planner is your friend and not someone who trying to direct you to expensive vendors. Again, you as a couple are paying for the wedding and not the planners.

Wedding Coordinators assist you in planning your wedding where you do majority of the work. A wedding planner takes all the stress from you and plan the entire wedding with of course your decisions and approvals.

If you want to know more about my company, then log on to


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I don't think I could ever have a wedding planner simply because I am way too anal-retentive to let anyone else plan ANYTHING. I would be way too afraid they would do it wrong, even if they are great at it. I am just a control freak I guess. I booked a country club for our venue and the club fees include the services of a wedding coordinator. She has been amazing (if you haven't looked at wedding venues yet I would highly recommend holly hills country club). She answers all my questions quickly through email and was very up front about costs and other requirements. I hope this helps!

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The Boutique Group
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I own an event planning company and I would love to help you plan your wedding. We pride ourselves on making our clients event as stress free as possible. We will do any and everything needed to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

My company specializes in what we like to call, "recession chic" events. We work with people who have small budgets and pride ourselves on being able to produce faboulous events on small budgets without sacrificing quality or style.

We are very inexpensive and offer several packages. We also offer DIY floral design workshops, where you can make your own centerpieces and bouquets with the help of a professional florist. This service really helps you save money on flowers because you don't have to deal with the typical florist markup.

For more information, visit my website at


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Well, as a professional, I have a bias BUT - you can plan your brains out & be the most organized bride in the world, but unless you've found a way to clone yourself, you just can't be in that many places at one time on your wedding day. If you're getting hair, make up,& pictures done in the 3 hrs before the wedding, how will you set up the church, then the reception hall in the all too short window venues often give you. If you've got friends who completely get your vision & are willing - use them! If not, a professional can catch your vision & carry it out behind the scenes so your friends and family can enjoy the day. Additionally, professional planners and coordinators (very little real difference) know the best resources & the least expensive options available for most of things brides are looking for, so if you have any room in your budget, a planner can be a huge asset. Oh - I charge $780 for rehearsal & day of w/ 2 hr final consult, tons of e-mail & phone info & an assistant.


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OH - BTW "coordinators" who are employed directly by the venue are facility managers - most are fabulous at keeping dinner and their service on schedule, but won't fix bouquets or bouts. gone awry, loose stubborn zippers, fix hems, comfort the fidgety flower girl, go pick up the cake topper you left at home, and so on....
A professional wedding consultant does all of the above and more!

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There is a difference. To keep it short: Wedding Planners help you every step of the way in planning the wedding and cost more than a coordinator. A Wedding Coordinator oversees the day of activities and make sures everything runs smoothly. A coordinator usually steps in a month or two before the wedding and keeps in contact with vendors and the such. They usual charge a flat rate. I do both but I customize my packages based on what the couple wants and how much their budget is. Shop around and see where you can get the best deal. If I lived in your area I would help you out.
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There is definitely a difference between planning and coordinating as you can see from the feedback received. If you decided to go with a planner be honest about your budget and what you can spend. The biggest misconception is that planners/coordinators are expensive. That is far from the truth. Services come in all price ranges just like a pair of shoes you could spend $20 or $250 it depends on who you are going to and what you are looking for. If you choose to hire someone make sure to ask what are the typical budget sizes they work with. Some planners work with very high end vendors other have a more diverse network to meet any budget. Though I don't work in your area I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Good Luck!
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