Wedding long did it take for proofs?
Hey all of you who are already married!! How long did it take to get your wedding photos? Ours has a website, but they are not up yet? Hate the waiting!!

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It took about 2-3 weeks before they were up on our photogs website. We got full set delivered to us two days ago so about 6 weeks later.

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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It can take a while, depending on a handful of factors. For example, did you have one photographer or two? If the latter, need to allow extra time for the principal photographer to obtain the RAW files from the second shooter, plus this adds more photos to the batch that will have to be reviewed and edited. Also, how many hours did the photographer(s) work? The more hours, the more photos that have to be produced. Are you waiting for paper proofs, or just digital images? If the former, you need to allow time for printing (generally takes a week, plus or minus). Granted, you got married during an "off season" so to speak, so the turnaround time might not be as long as for, say, a June wedding. There should be something outlined in your contract, so check that first.

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My husband and I are photographers/videographers. It usually takes 3-6 weeks depending on how many photos are taken and how many other weddings the photographer has before yours.
Also, The longer the wedding,the more pictures there are and the longer the editing time.
But my husband and I always finish a few favorite photos to send to our clients so they have something while they're waiting for the rest. It can seem like forever I know! But well worth the wait when you have a good photographer. Hang in there! I hope they're beautiful! Congratulations!

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About a week, but he didn't take millions of random pictures. He put them up on the Kodak website and sent us a disc. Now we just need to get everyone else to send us the pictures they took.


Crystal Lee Photography
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It all depends on the photographer. They should have discussed a timeline with you prior to the wedding. I post a blog preview in just a few days, and deliver the online gallery to my brides within 2 weeks from the wedding.
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