Tiffany Blue and Chocolate Brown Wedding
I am helping a friend plan her wedding and she wants to do tiffany blue and chocolate brown. The problem I am running into is finding a color dress at David's Bridal that will match this. This wedding is being done on a tight budget (under $150 for each bridesmaids dress). Has anyone done these colors and gotten their BM dresses for David's Bridal?

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Hayley C™
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David's Bridal dresses in Pool can work, have you seen them yet?
This is a flower girls dress, but they do make BM dresses in this color.

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Pool is very pretty my mom had her Wedding dress, in pool, she wore a BM dress to get married in

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I am using the same color...I did look at DB pool but didnt feel it was the right shade. We are looking at using Alfred Angelos pool color instead.
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