Survival type kit or mothers & bridesmaids
I bought these awhile back then they were on sale for $2 each.

I got one for the mothers and bridesmaids. I'm now looking for ideas of things to put in them that they may need on the wedding day, & if not things that can be used later. They're fairly small though. I was thinking travel size sunscreen (outdoor wedding) hand sanitizer, a travel size hairspray, breath spray and wisps. But would like more ideas so I can cater them to each individual.

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Kimi K
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cute find!

Mini sunscreens were a BIG hit for our ladies.

If you're looking for more ideas ...
oil blotting sheets
mini lotions
mini travel sewing kit
Aspirin (I got the little travel packets)
Static Guard
Double stick tape
Safety Pins
Lint remover
Stain remover (I did the small SHOT wipe packets)
Bobby Pins

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Future Mrs.
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possibly a stain remover and oil blotting strips?

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Cute bags!

Nail clippers
Nail file
Hair ties
Nail polish
Travel size deodorant
Travel size band aides
Lip balm

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Thanks for the great ideas girls!! I was debating on even giving them to them, now I definitely will :) thanks again!

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the dollar store now sells the bra clips that pull the straps together in the back & body tape. i got both for my emergency bags.
victoria secret has disposable panties in their tryon rooms.
i also put candy rings that i got from target. I just shopped for minitures/sample stuff as it went on sale at various discount stores
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