Today I went to a wedding, stuck mostly to salads, had a little beef, chicken and pork but not much.. the chicken was the size of my contact lens case. The pork slightly bigger and the beef could be the size of my camera in length but thin 10 pg children's book. So it was a bit of a binge day.
I did 4 km as fast as my dogs could on bike with my dogs chasing me. Koopa did fine, and was not tired after but mr mister was winded. I had to go at his speed. Then I did 5 km jog/walk with FH at Kaohsiung's Museum of Fine Arts. Maybe 15% jog.
Beat my old distance record by a lot... hahahaha

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An hour and ten minutes on the elliptical, 982 calories burned. And nine upper body weight machines, 8,650 lbs. lifted.
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