Rhinestones for invitations/cake topper
I'm making my own invitations and want to add rhinestones to them. Does anyone know where I can get them for a decent price? What size should I get? I also want to add some to my cake topper.
I know some people suggest Hobby Lobby or Michaels but I don't live near any of these stores, so I'm hoping to get them online. TIA

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AC Moore has swarovski ones by the counter area. A little packet of maybe 25-30 or so is only a couple of bucks. You might be able to find them in larger quantities online though.

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I've had good experiences with www.creativecrystal.com or www.bullarddesigns.com.

Also, you can get Crystal cake toppers at http://veilubridal.com/monogram-wedding-cake-toppers.htm

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I got mine at www.artfire.com
They were really good. I got 500 3mm clear for like $3

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I got mine from Michaels with a 50% coupon-- but they are also here:


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ok thanks guys!...and 3mm should be fine?

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Yep! 3 mm is perfect. Just make sure you get flat backs. I use a toothpick and to apply the glue and tweezers to set the crystals. :)

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thanks jlam!

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I LOVE Swarovski, they have so much more fire & sparkle than rhinestones. I've found lots of them on ebay for cheap. A pack of 24 with little stems was $9.95.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate Milestones
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A pkg. of 2,000 diamond accents for $17.85. I have gotten feedback on this item: *****Rating: 5/5! The Diamond Accents are so real, like that they look better than CZ. The clarity is just unreal. - Alice Williams

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