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hey ladies. so my FSIL is doing our wedding photography, she's AMAZING and the best part is that its free! lol she wants me to make a list of all the poses and such that i want. i have all the basics written out, but im also looking for different. im having trouble finding anything but the traditional poses. anyone have some cute ideas?

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My photographer has some really cute non-traditional poses. One has the bride (who is wearing cowboy boots) holding up her dress as she tip toes through a puddle, another has the bridal party hanging on some kind of pole thing. Here is her website lol for you to look through:

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I really want one where my FH is standing behind me and I'm looking over my should at him as he has his arms wrapped around me. I think that would be a really cute picture.

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I have just a few on my inspration board!
I googled it for you. I hope this helps! There is a really cute one on page 2, where the groom is carrying the bride train, I have to have it LOL poses for pictures&

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Sorry do not know if all the link is there so just google: wedding poses for pictures

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thanks girls! im getting some ideas already =]

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thanks for asking this its a great question got me some ideas too lol

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I wish you could see my engagement photo shoot. My photographer does a phot journelistic style of photography where it captures moreso the moments than an actual pose. some of my shots were posed but alot of mine were not. Go look at my photo album to see some of what I am talking about.

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My photographer does a lot of the photojournalist type photos. Here's his website: Click on galleries. Hopefully that will give you some ideas. :)

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There are lots of great creative shots.. one of my favorites is this one:

I love it!

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Me and my FH like the scattered pictures. We want to do one where we're on steps outside at our wedding cite where the bridesmaids and groomsmen stand scattered up and down the steps, basically wherever they feel like it doing whatever pose they want. Also one of everyone of them and our parents peeking around trees at us kissing was a cute one a friend of ours suggested!

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