NWR-Horrible Easter Weekend....UPDATE
So yesterday started out great. FH and I went with my sister to take some updated engagement pictures. We were all having a blast, even FH was getting into some goofy poses. Towards the end of the shoot, FH started complaining of stomach pains. We headed home where I gave him some pepto, got him changed into some comfy clothes, and he went to bed. A few minutes later he was up because he felt like he was going to throw up. He went back to bed only to get up and lay on the couch because he couldn't get comfortable. He was paler than a ghost and was shaking because he was in so much pain. I instantly knew he needed medical attention(i want to give thanks to attending school for a med degree). I thought he had kidney stones b/c the symptoms match those of my brother's a few months back. I rushed him to the ER, where they did blood test and a Cat scan. They put him on fluids and pain meds. After sitting for 3 hours they finally came in and said he had early stage of appendicitis and cont.

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they were going to transfer him to another hospital in a town that was about 45 minutes away. We then sat for another hour waiting for a bed to open up at the other hospital. We finally arrived after midnight. He eventually had surgery at 8:30 this morning, where they had complication with the laposcopic surgery because he had a blood vessel in his lower abdomen that they didn't know was there and they couldn't get it to stop bleed so they ended up just making an incision and removing the appendix and stopping the bleed. He is now sleeping. He will be released tomorrow sometime. I never thought I could be so scared and worried about someone until last night. I have been a nervous wreck. Hope you ladies have a better weekend than we are.

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OH wow, hope he recovers quickly. I had my appendix out while i was 21 weeks pregnant with my twins.... its very sore. I know its so nerve-wracking. im glad he is ok and that they caught it all quickly and dealt with the bleeding quickly. hope he feels better!

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Oh my - I am so glad he is okay now. That is definitely scary. I would be a nervous wreck too!

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Taryn, your weekend started out good, had a major blow, but is now back on track! I will pray for you and your FH.

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oh no! i'm sorry! i hope a fast recovery!

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Thanks ladies! The only down side is since they did the incision he will have to be off of work for at least 2 weeks.(FH does a lot of heavy lifting and bending twisting motions at work) My mom is being very helpful. She is letting us stay with her for at least the next 3 days when he gets out because I don't want to leave him alone and I have school for 4 hours on Monday and Tuesday. This is the first time any guy I have ever dated has had something major. Last night was horrible. I was there by myself with him and when they said he had to have surgery, he was freaking out because he has never had surgery. Luckily his parents showed up right before they transferred him and his dad had the same surgery with the same surgeon which helped him calm down.

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Taryn I am sorry you had to deal with that & FH had to have the surgery ... At least it was caught in time, it could have been a lot worse... I hope he feels better quick & dont stress too much, the major stuff is out of the way, now its just recovery

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wow that must have been scary! So glad he's doing better! Hoping he has a fast recovery!

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:-( wow, that's really scary! I hope he has a speedy recovery! Sounds like you were quick thinking, good thing he has a FS that is good in a crisis :-)

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oooh no! I am so sorry! that must have been very scary for you. will pray for a quick recovery for your FH. I cant even imagine

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Wow - my prayers are with you both. How scary!

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Oh man, I am so sorry. You guys are in my prayers.

Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C)
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I'm no stranger to a mis-behaving appendix. My brother's ruptured when he was only 4 years old :( and my mom had hers out too. It's terrifying because they look so ill- but thankfully you were able to get him to the hospital.

And in case you're still worried- even though my brother was in the hospital for over a week he recovered very well and was up-and-at-em in no time. He's 18 now and perfectly healthy.

I hope your FH feels better soon :)
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Geesh louise-- You both are in my prayers

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Oh no... Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Thank goodness you acted fast!

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Wow....I hope he gets better soon!! Prayers to you and yours....

Lauren FM
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hoping for a speedy recovery!! thinking of you

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Its day two in the hospital. He was suppose to be discharged today but his blood count was lower than what it is suppose to be. He is off his clear liquid diet and has been allowed regular food. He is no longed on iv fluids. He has been running a slight fever kn and off all day. He has been up and walking the floor, which is great. He is getting antibiotics every other hour. Fingers crossed we get to go home tommorow!

@Ab Z: I had my moment of panic but it was where he could not wed or hear me. I'm just getting good practice for when I graduate with my medical assistant degree next year. Heck two weeks ago I was bandaging him up after he sliced open his thumb with a new knife while working on the car. Then clean up his blood that was every where.

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Wow!! Glad to hear he is ok though! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

I was in pain and was a single mom ... So I kept going to work and trying to cope with it. One day I couldnt take it any more and while my 2 year old son was with a good friend I drove myself to the hospital. Thank god because mine decided to rupture and I got e coli >_ _<

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Im so sorry. Prayers your way for a speedy recovery
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