Mother/Son dance song
So to put it bluntly my FH does not like his mother. He has many reasons for this that are valid but we still try and treat her with respect. She is LIVING for the moment of the mother/son dance. I asked her what song she would like and she said she wants him to choose so that it will be his tribute to her. Well he is not thankful for the way she raised him and does not want to play a song that talks about how much he loves her for all she did for him, because it would be a lie. What the heck kinda song could possibly please them both? I've been searching but all are either way too mushy and would make him uncomfortable or are not at all about love between a mother and son and she would hate it and whine endlessly for all our lives. Any suggestions? Hopefully a short song so as not to prolong the poor man's suffering!

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"I hope you dance" by Leann Womack might be one that is not too mushy about mother and son?

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Maybe try some of the suggestions on this board, same question as yours:

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Laura, I was trying to think of the same thing for a Father/Daughter Dance song for my dad and I since same thing for he and I we don't get along at all, but I do try to respect the man. What about John Mayer's "Waiting on the Word to Change"?


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My favorite song to date is "Have I told you Lately?", but perhaps that wouldn't apply. RESPECT by Aretha? probably too fast. "The Best is yet to Come" Tony Bennett, "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, "I've got you under my skin" which could apply (but perhaps not in a nice way.) Or how about an instrumental of a classic like "As time goes by", "I get a Kick our of you?" "Girl from Ipanema?" "The best is yet to come" The last few are little more upbeat, which makes them seem a little less intiamte, which is probably for the best. Have the DJ fade out or his father cut in after a minute or so, and continue on to the next part of your round of dances.

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hahah. You're cracking me up studio G. I love the "I've got you under my skin"! Although I don't think she would find it as funny as I do! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. This really should be something my FH worries about anyway!

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I was thinking about "I'll always be your mother" but she is set on this being his TRIBUTE" to her so I don't know if she'd get all pissy about the song not really kissing her butt. I'm rolling my eyes right now! Ah well, I'll give him some options and let it him choose.
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