Kudos, In-Laws! :)
I have to give a shout out to my FIL's who I've (at times) felt were overbearing and much to complain about.....Man, are they awesome! Yes, there were some frustrating times at first with giving my FH the benefit of the doubt, etc but this last week has totally made up for it. FH bought our first home that is way nice in appearance.....but ended up having a serious mold problem in the master bedroom. Serious, as in, the foundation there was almost completely disintegrated. Then we found out the water heater is broken. And so is the furnace.

FFIL owns his own construction company and has been here everyday fixing our wall/floor, bringing over friends he knows who inspected the mold, heaters, etc. FMIL has donated groceries from her pantry and offered their showers for us so we don't have to bathe in ice water. What looked like a horrible situation is now going to be an (almost) brand new home! :) I love my FILs! :)

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glad to finally see something good about the inlaws!! congrats!!

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how sweet!

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Thats awesome!!

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As of yesterday, apparently we're also getting new carpet. Once FFIL gets going, there's no stopping him....and we're not sure we want to! Lol :)

He also just randomly went out, bought a new water heater and installed it last night. I came home from a late shift at work to a hot shower :D Kinda super loving my new family!

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Thats awesome!
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