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I'm planning to have 6 honorary bridesmaids and 2 honorary groomsmen at my wedding. I didn't find out about this option until 2 or 3 months away from the wedding so we didn't have time to plan much but I feel bad if we don't include these people in some way. I'm not asking the girls to go get a new dress for the occasion, just to wear something they already have, and I haven't asked them to help out yet so what I'd like to know is whether we need to get them gifts? We can't invite them to the rehearsal dinner since I found out about this option after my in-laws chose the venue and price range they could afford, so I'm not going to have them formally walk in, just seated on a reserved row in the front, and they will get a reserved table at the reception. Do I need to also get them a gift even though I haven't asked them to spend any money?

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If you feel a gift is neccissary, and they've been helping out sure, but if they haven't helped out, then I wouldn't, but a verbal thanks for supporting you during your life in your speech would be nice

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Im not even sure what a honorary bridesmaid/groomsmen is.? Iv never heard of it, but if they are helping you then I would get them a little gift card to show your appreciation.

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I would think if their helping you significantly a small gift is reasonable if you can do it. Think meaningful - a small photo album with pictures of all the girls or times you've hung out together, or maybe a simple jewelry set (go with silver, and make each gift different), make a CD that you personalize for each person if you can that has cool photos of your friendship history. Or signify these people with a nice corsage for their wrist. I'm sure you'll come up with something special!!! Good luck.
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