help with wedding theme new orleans
i'm not sure what theme i'm going with for our wedding. the venue where the ceremony and reception will be held is outside. it is a house, but will be using the backyard, which is 1920's new orleans plantation style home...very pretty. anyways, we absolutely love it and my fh especially since his mother was from new orleans and fh lived there when he was younger for awhile. so this is why i thought it would be fun to have this theme. plus i recently went to new orleans and loved it.
now i don't want a mardi gras theme, but i was thinking of having the white umbrella and playing when the saints go marching in song once we are wed. what else can i do?
favors-i'm going to have a candy buffet(our colors are dark purple and black), since we love candy. we're having a cocktail style wedding.
any suggestions i'd appreciate it!

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Can't you just have a 1920's wedding? Those can be so beautiful and classy! I'm all for them! Mardi Gras is more of a bachelorette party theme - which could work for you for that :)


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for music you might want to think about having a jazz quartet or a zydeco band. it wouldn't be the regular dj or dance band kind of reception, but if your reception is a cocktail party it would definitely be appropriate. you might also want to consider tailoring your menu to the classic cuisine of the city ~ i think you can find the menus for commanders palace, antoine's, and brennan's or mr. b's online. music, food, and architecture are what define the city, not mardi gras imho. i lived there for several years in my 20s and while crews and mardi gras planning and balls are definitely a key aspect of life, even the parades highlight the sounds and the textures of the city.

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ooh you should totally do a french inspired new orleans wedding- you could serve absinthe in the french ice fountains, do the decor very tasteful parisian chic, and hors devors could be classic french or new orleans/ cajun cooking. For the candy bar I've seen some really cool new orleans candy favors- they have classics like the peanut brittle, or petit fours....

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Since my FH is from NO I'm also doing a NO Theme wedding but not too much. So far I'm adding alot of Fleur De Lis items in the wedding. (ex: cake topper, invites,favors,escort cards ) We are having a second-line (brass band). The list goes on and on ...............

And I just noticed you are getting married one day before me !
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thanks gave me some great ideas!
@lanai-yay our wedding is 1 day apart. i was thinking fleur de lis items too..but not too much. a couple items of new orleans appetizers..maybe mini poy boy sandwich, etc. i have our dj already, so i'm just going to have him play when the saints go marching in right after the minister announces our names and a few zydeco songs for dancing. the decor of the venue already looks like a courtyard from the french quarter....trees have spanish moss on them.

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@mdyblue: I like that mini poboy idea

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Fleur de Leis, lamposts with signs, lanterned on the table, feathered umbrella for bride
scrollwork on the candles - DIY table numbers

sound fun and very pretty venue. Have fun

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I'm doing a vintage New Orleans theme. Doing lace, pearls, and fluer de lis. Instead of table number, I done streets of New Orleans. We are having cajun food and music during cocktail hour.

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You could always go for a masquerade theme too. It's pairs perfectly with the umbrellas and do a second line dance at the end. There is a small store on Stumpt blv (on the west bank) that does great umbrellas and handkerchiefs for nice prices. You can always go to party and order masquerade masks for all of your guests and place them on the tables with pearls, candles, and flower/feather arrangements!
You can also use mini Fleur de lis candles and pralines from the praline factory as gifts!

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Do a second line. Give away mardi gras beads with your wedding date at your ceremony. Give pralines, and have a sazarac, hurricane, or other local drink as your special drink. Give to go cups with wedding logo at wedding. These are the same cups they throw at mardi gras. Also have people wave around their white handkerchiefs during the second line. Have local foods.

Roman candy
serve things like our famous bbq shrimp and things like turtle soup.
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