help to bustle a tulle wedding dress
I have to bustle a wedding gown with a wide train and is several layers of tulle. I have struggled trying to bring it up and I cannot make it lay nice.. I thank you for the help in advance

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what about bustling it underneath itself? have you tried that?

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I'm with Shell; try a French bustle. It might be worth the money to take it to a seamstress and have her do it; it will give you peace of mind.

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have u tried a banquet bustle?

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I had the train cut off because I couldn't get a bustle that I liked with that kind of dress.

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Thanks the bride does not want a french but she may not have a choice.. I tried for 2 hours already and it is awful. I am thinking the cutting off idea is not so bad.I will have to look up a banquet bustle. I am actually the seamstress and if I get this one done I am moving on to design my daughters gown . It will have a detachable train! Thanks again I have never been so stressed doing a bustle

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@ladylee - I googled banquet bustle and didn't get anything - do you have a pic?

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