HAving A Issue with my Finace Sister .
I Plan My Wedding Day to be MAy 13th Because that was the day me and My Finace meet one another .So his sister plan on getting married this year as well but she didn't say when so i'm telling his family May 13th , ok yestraday Me and My Finace recieves a on call to go to his Mom's and pick up our invite. opened it up and it say's THeir going justice of peace on the 9th of May and having their wedding reception on May 12th. Am I wrong for feelings like she trying to ruin my wedding weekend. My rehearsal dinner is on the 12th. like how would you guys Handle this situation ,how would you approach this persons . I'm so upset and my feelings are hurt i might say alot of bad things to her or slap her .

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Thats crazy....well you all need to sit down and try to figure out how to do both because the situation can turn ugly quick.

Cynthia B
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So you are getting married in 10 days and are finding out that your FSIL is also going to get married the same week? How long have you been planning? Are you planning a big event (if so I would think invites have already been sent and people are planning what they are planning) or just a small event that can be planned in 10 days?

It might be cool to do a family wedding weekend, but I can't really speak to your situation.

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And I have to agree with Cynthia, how are you JUST finding out they're getting married in a week? Did you send out invitations? Did they RSVP? What do you have booked? What do they have booked?

Sorry for all the questions I guess we need more info before we can give you advice

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Troll alert.

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Can I feed the troll???

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LOL!! I feel so gullible for falling into it's trap!!

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trolls are just bad people.
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