Fun yard games for outdoor wedding
Hi Ladies,

I'm trying to think up some fun yard games that I can put up and provide for guests to play during our outdoor, lawn wedding.

I have a croquet set, and a ladder ball set, and the venue has a horse shoe pit. But want a few more ideas....

Would you take you shoes off and play badminton in your dress clothes? What other fun, simple, lawn games are out there?

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I know it's cold outside right now, so we're not currently playing yard games.... but I'm hoping to use Holiday Sales to help purchase games/equipment.

Any ideas? Any?

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Corn Hole - where you toss the bean bag to make it into the hole, washers, bocce ball,

heck yeah i would

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I also have the same idea to have outdoor games if possible. My venue will have plenty of outdoor space.. Id like get a volleyball game going but I dont know how many people care to play in their dress cloths.. I wouldnt care but I dont know about someothers...

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Bean bag games are pretty easy to make (wood and nails) and you could personalize them.

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I may do this too. Personally I woudl totally play badminton in a dress, but maybe not volleyball. For one you don't want that heavy ball flying where it shouldn't. And for two dresses flip up, come down, etc :) Badminton is much less physical. Bocce ball is always fun as well and something you can play while holding a drink haha

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Ladderball is fun!

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My FH bought ladder ball for us this last summer.... we took it camping and had a blast!!

@Jenn, I'm thinking the same thing... that badminton is a little less physical and fast paced, so therefor might be better to play in dress clothes than volleyball.

I also saw an idea where you get milk bottles and paint them up for a ring-toss game... Where the heck do you find milk bottles, though?

Rachel W.
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You could use beer bottles and paint them. That would be a fun game!

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@Rachel S. You mean playing ring toss.... or getting drunk and painting the bottles??? :D

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Lots of games at Giant Jenga, Rollors, Skittles, Kubb, your guests would love any of these, along with ladderball also!

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Good question! I think playing yard games at a wedding would be a lot of fun! I can't really think of any cool suggestions for you though.
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