Fun Shower Games? Not lame ones...
Anyone been to a shower and played a game they really enjoyed? I feel like I used my best ideas at my friends' shower (I planned her games) and now I can't think of original ones for mine.
At hers we played "Who am I?" and I customized it by using famous brides in history. I printed out a picture of the bride and her name and pinned it to the guests as they walked it. We had everyone from Cleopatra to Grace Kelly to Miss Piggy. It was the biggest hit and helped everyone get comfortable with each other. (If anyone wants my list to use at theirs I'd be happy to share!!)
We also played the toilet paper wedding dress which was also a big hit,
and bridal bingo.
Now I'm out of ideas for mine! I don't want dirty or embarrassing games... I keep thinking of my great aunt Moselle playing some of these games and can't picture it... HELP!!

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