How much did you pay for your DJ services, and what did that price include? I'm in the process of searching, and the quotes I'm get vary pretty widely.

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Out of St. Louis, MO around $550-700 for 4-5 hours of reception music, MC, lights (disco ball etc.), wireless mic for toasts. For an extra $125 they would do the ceremony music and audio for the officiant. They also had a great package deal for $1550 where they did videography (3 cameras, ceremony and reception highlights) and DJ.
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Good, non cheesy DJ's in NJ/NY cost 1200-2000.00

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Boston $1500-2500. I'm paying $1550 for ceremony music, satellite cocktail hour set up, dinner/dancing for 6 hours ( that is one hour overtime of the usual package)

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We are paying $495 in Florida and that is for 6 hours and a light show and a personal planner they are also doing our photography (different people same company) and the total is 3,300 very good company too and quality work... just gotta get out there and look... so many opportunities out there.....

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Aimee mines 525 for all that... No videographers. But ceremony sound for us and officiant outside and the normal reception stuff all included.

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Ours in MN $795.00 for ceremony, cocktail/dinner and unlimited reception including all the lighting and special effects.

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Apalachicola FL 750$ for 5 hours additional 100$ to do our ceremony as well.

Sarah D.
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In OKC, OK we are laying $350 for ceremony and reception music totalling 6 hours.

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$800 in South Florida for 5 hours (cocktail hour and reception).

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$450 in Tucson for 4 hours, lights, karaoke options, and a ton of experience.

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Thanks everyone!
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Hey Brittany,

I figured we could help out since we have been providing DJs in South Florida and Orlando since 2005!

The reason the prices vary so much is because of experience, service & equipment. Here are some questions you should always ask:

1. Do you have liability insurance?
2. Are you comfortable as an MC (Master of Ceremonies), making announcements throughout the night, introducing the formalities (Intros, First Dances, Bouquet & Garter, etc.)?
3. Do you have any pictures, videos, or testimonials online?
4. What kind of equipment do you work with and do you have backup equipment should it fail?
5. Do you have a backup DJ for emergencies?
6. Can you send me a picture of your DJ Booth setup?
7. How many Weddings have you performed at?
8. Do you have any reviews from a 3rd party trusted website besides your own?
9. Do you have an online area where I can plan my wedding, timeline, and music requests?

I attached a picture of a "cheap DJ setup" vs. one of ours. Hope this helps!

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