DIY card box ideas please
I am not a fan of the traditional card box ideas. I dont care for the cages either. Does anyone have any good DIY ideas that they are willing to share. Pics too if you have them. Thanks

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I used an old mail boxes and made it pretty... I'll take a pic and post it soon.
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mail box

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Hayley C™
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I seen somewhere one of the brides made hers out of boxes shaped like books. it was beautiful. She got the boxes at Michaels. I just can't find that post anywhere...Good luck....

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I am DIY a three tiered card box like the ones Hayley posted above. I got the boxes after christmas and the red and silver wrapping paper too. I am going to keep it low key without ribbon or flowers.

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I've got an old shipping box from work (from office supplies we got at Staples, actually) and I'm just wrapping it up in damask wrapping paper and putting a sign tha says "card box" in front of it. I'm gonna be ripping that sucker to shreds the next day so the less elaborate, the better. lol

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I haven't made mine yet, but this is the tutorial that I'll be using:

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I love the photo box idea, it's unique. Thank you ladies


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You might check with a local decorator/rental company...unless you really want to do all that work yourself! We offer a card box similar to this as a rental, you may find a local company that does as well.

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I had a card vase! It looked great. It was open, but deep enough that no one could really reach all of the way into it. I have pics posted here:

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I love the photo frame box. I saw that on another post and decided that was going to be my card holder box. Plus its another place I can display some of our engagement photos.

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Here's the one I made that Elizabeth Mentioned (Thanks btw)... here's the link to the post

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I found an old wooden bread box at goodwill for $2.00...I am going to do some painting and woodburning on it and see what happens. Ill post pics when I get to it. There are so many boxes there that you can use for that and you could wrap them in fabric or paper and decorate?

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Genevieve, where did you find that vase? I love that idea and think it is really elegant!

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@Didi R.

I got it at Micheals. I think it was around $17...

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My grandpa is making me a large wooden bird house (he has a bunch that he has made for his land). The top will flip open for cards to be placed inside. We are having a fall rustic oak tree theme.
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