December Wedding
Is anyone planning a December wedding? If so, what are your colors and do you have a theme?

My wedding is 12/1/12, and our colors are turquoise blue and silver. We are doing a winter theme.

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I'm getting married on Dec. 15, I don't have a theme but my colors are light blue and silver. What kind of decorations are you having?

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I had a december wedding...
our colors were Cornflower blue and silver

New Year's Eve was our theme :-)

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I am also having a December wedding. I am not doing any type of winter theme because I am sure the elements will depict that perfectly for me :-(! My colors are navy blue and cream/champagne.

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We are date twins. Our colors are turquoise, white and gold. Our venue is an old Masonic Lodge, the huge ballroom is all wood paneling and painted turqoise and gold, with gold fixtures. I am still working on it, but our theme is going to be an elegant woodsy theme. Pine cones, lanterns, lovebirds. Thats what I'm thinking so far....

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@Ednabug Do you have any pictures from your wedding and reception? I would love to see them!!

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December 15th!! My colors are purple and silver. I don't really have a 'theme' but since we are getting married 10 days before Christmas, ornaments will be incorporated in the decorations. Not the typial red and green kinds though.

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Ornaments will be incorprated in ours as well as snow flakes!

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I am having a December destination wedding in St. Thomas USVI, we are getting married on the beach. Our colors are fuchsia, purple & pink.

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Congrats to December brides! All the best :)

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Getting married December 31. We don't have a theme. We have decided that the bridal party will wear eggplant, winter blue crimson winter green/dark chocolate (tentative) The flowers will vary but will be in rich colors. The reception on the other hand will be mostly black white and silver. FH is a Raiders fan.

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We are also date twins!!! Our colors are royal blue, turquoise, and silver. We are having a winter themed wedding and using ornaments in our centerpieces as well.

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I think December is perfect for a wedding and it doesn't matter what color you choose!

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My wedding is 12/29/12. My colors are black and white damask with red rose accents. :)

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omg I am so confused. We have switched our date from Nov 25th this year to Dec 1 2013 and even though it is only three days after thanksgiving I feel like we are being cast into a winter theme when I had completely planned it to be a late fall feel. I think I am going to have to change the whole thing to be more snowflakes and bare trees feel. White Christmas lights on a birch archway. I wanted gold tones but I guess it can use some silver as well. Ivory and Navy are going to be the colors now. I have to change my invitations and everything.
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