Davids Bridal Peacock color ribbon?????
I want to use the color of my girls dresses for the belly band on my invitations.... little did I realize this is an exclusive color to DB! I found their pre-cut ribbons but it would cost almost $50!!! That just seems too high for ribbon!

Any ideas of a company that has comparable colors?

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Hayley C™
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I got a little secret for you.... no one will be taking the belly band to your wedding and holding it up to the dresses. :)

Go to your local craft store and just find a ribbon on sale that Looks like the correct color to you. If you are REALLY that stuck on getting it as CLOSE as possible, go back to Davids with a Giant Handful of those paint sample cards... find out which one matches the best, and take That to the craft store to find the closest ribbon.

check www.retailmenot.com for printable coupons for Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn fabric, Hancock fabric, etc.

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You can also buy swatches for $1 of the actual material from DB to take with you. Depending on what you find, you can also buy yards of fabric for (i think) $20 and make the ribbons??

I'm with Haley on this one...no one will be comparing :)
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We're also using peacock as the color of my ladies dresses. My concern is that I'm making the bouquets for the wedding day and wanted to wrap them in ribbon. Do you think it would be super noticeable if I didn't use the David's Bridal ribbon?

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Meredith... I'm having a tuff time finding something comparable... its either too green or too teal... If you find something, let me know! PLEASE!

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I bought a swatch the last time I was in the store so I'll bring it with me when I make my rounds of the craft stores this week to see what I can find!

Hayley C™
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or like Juliette said, go to a fabric store and see if you can find a fabric Very close to the correct color, cut some strips, and make your own ribbon to wrap the handles of the bouquets.
You can't really buy on line unless you know it is Exactly the shade you want, screens are never accurate and should not be matched up to your sample. But this shows that you might find something similar at a fabric store.

But with the invite, I would just go as close as you can.

~ good luck ladies ~

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I am also using "Peacock" from David;s bridal, and I have found an exact match from Ribbonbazaar.com that is much less expensive.

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I would like to re-address this post. Has anybody found any table linens that match the Peacock color from DB? I love this color! I am about to purchase the BMs dresses in this color. But I have had one heck of a time finding anything else that matches. I am specifically looking for linen napkins. I would love Satin. But at this point, anything that matches the color will be fine.

Thanks in advance :)

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This color has been a nightmare to match! But it is really pretty :) I had to go to three different party rentals to find something even close for the linens. We ended up just going with gray/silver for the linens and the groomsmen (they tell you Men's warehouse can match the color but they can't). Crate and Barrel does have napkin that is about 1 shade lighter. Right now I am desperately looking for Ribbon so if anyone has had any luck finding ribbon please let me know! I tried the ribbonbazzar link above but it no longer works :(

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The Ribbon Bazzar link works:


Looks like they have free samples & a $ 10 swatch board. Much more reasonable than DB.

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Pastor Prime

Everafter Weddings
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Girls, aren't any of you using an accent color? Think creatively--it doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Pick up one of your flower colors. Another note--satin really wouldn't work well for napkins. Satin is a weave and is made to be slippery, slithery ans sensual. If you are stuck on tablecloth etc. colors, use an overlay of something you like to break up the color. Speaking for 12 years as a special events coordinator and 19 years as a wedding minister. My wedding tomorrow is --guess what--David's Bridal peacock.

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Valuable information. I am delighted to read this article. Thank you for sharing. What kind of ribbon do you think it's the best to make them? Grosgrain Ribbon, Satin Ribbon or Organza Ribbon? And where can I Wholesale Ribbon from?
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