Checking on registry gifts!
So I look once in a while at our registry list online to see if anything was bought yet. I just looked and we have our first gifts bought off our registry! Does anyone else creep on your registries to see what your getting?

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About 3 times a week!! Haha but I was told by the ladies here that most people don't buy anything until the week before or even the day before or of the shower!!

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OMG about 2 weeks out from my shower I would stalk mine every night after i knew all the stores were closed to see if there was anything bought... i am so terrible that my shower started at 1pm and i was on my registry on my phone at 12:30p seeing the last minute purchases... My family would purposely not take things off just to screw with me... We got some duplicate gifts that way but I didnt care!

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Yup I can't help but keep checking mine, especially since the shower is coming up in a few weeks

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i have checked mine a few times, i still get a little tingle of guilt by it though lol

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we haven't sent out our invites, I doubt anyone knows where we are registered yet ;P
buuuuuuuuuut... on the subject of registries.. totally had a dream last night that DH and I were registering at Costco... it was bitter sweet.

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My FH is the worst! He asks me to check it all the time. We just checked this weekend and someone bought something off of it! It's exciting to know we are getting closer and people are thinking about it!
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