Buffet catering for under $25/person serving Frederick, Maryland
Does anyone know of really really affordable catering in the Frederick, Maryland area? We are having approximately 40 people and want it to be buffet style and would like the caterer to deliver it and preferably serve as well. I know a lot of places have a minimum of 100 guests and I'm looking for somewhere that doesn't set that requirement.

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Gee O. aka Happily Wifed Up
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No idea but I'd happily bump this post for you :)

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Have you found anything!?! I'm looking for affordable catering also. So far all I know of is Lieters' Fine Catering out of Williamsport, MD.

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I am paying close to this. we are going with sweet sensations llc catering. our price for food and hors d oeuvres is 28/person and for the open bar is 14/person for 5 hrs.
despite their reviews, we decided to go with them cause thier price adn they offer alot of decor too. So far we havent been having any problems with them. our wedding is still a ways away though. But their tasting was good and the consultation with their coordinator went well. so far so good to me!

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Hi everyone, I ended up finding and going with caterer Linda cheslosky of simple touches catering. It's $20 per person and the tasting was amazing! I highly recommend her!

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You can also consider places like Boston Market. I know someone that used them to cater their wedding and no one even knew. They came dressed nicely and everything.
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