Brown vase filler?
I am making my own centerpieces. I will be using a tower vase with willow branches and calla lilies (possibly orchids and casa blancas to fill it out). My colors are brown and ivory so the branches and lilies go well with the theme but I'm wondering about putting a filler at the bottom of the vase to make it look more complete. Some suggestions I've found online are cinnamon or coffee beans, but would smelling that be a problem while you're eating lunch? Is one worse than the other? Any other suggestions? I have pics of my flowers,branches and vases on my IB if you need an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks!

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have you thought about bark even?? might be an idea.. or a brown pea gravel.. Home Depot.. and alot less for what you get?? just a thought..

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Oh man! Bark is good, and I could either find something with no scent or my mom has this smelly oil that I love in case the bark smelled a little "woodsy". Thanks!!! I can't believe is going to be added to the list of websites I scour constantly for the wedding.

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Z...where did you get ur branches from? I'm interested in doing something similar. Thanks

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Bark is a great idea! You could also use river stones, they are really easy to find almost anywhere and neutral colored. I got mine from the 99 cent store.

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what about sand?

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You will probably want to use something that reflects crystals or glass marbles...

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Maybe some crystals would be nice at the bottom it gives a complete look and elegent.

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I have been to a few weddings where they used coffee beans. It looked really good, and we didnt smell anthing.

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There's bark, rocks, dirt, brown floral moss (you can get some from the dollar store) or other natural things that won't have an overwhelming smell to them.

Heather G.

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when's the date? acorns are nice in the fall.
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