Anyone DIY sweetheart table. Lets see ideas or picks
So I have hotel coordinator for the first few hours. I have a setup person who will do the reception area. So I gave her ideas for the sweetheart table, which I've learned will be a half moon. What do you think of decor idea, I made.

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I love the simple elegance of the 2nd one but they all look great!

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The decor is nice but I think you should try a lighter colored tablecloth, so the greens don't over power, but blends. Or you can use more of the yellow color and try adding in cake plates/saucers to go in the middle of the dinner plates and use a clear wine glass and some white napkins in the middle of the cake plates/saucers. So your colors are green and yellow, those are nice together. Will the walls be yellow as you have in the picture? Are you having any flowers(artificial/real)? Hope this helps

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I like pic 2

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I was thinking the same thing as Rhonda, maybe you could put a small yellow overlay in the middle or you could (if your table cloth is long enough) pull the cloth up on ea. side just a little with a tableclip and hide the clip with some small yellow flower arrangments. pic below
or you could put some lights inside some yellow tulle and drape it around the front. 2nd pic
Just some cheap suggestions. I think the yellow plate on top of the green would do it a world of difference.
It looks beautiful as is, but you could tweak it a bit to make it even better.

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The decor is elegant and I love the color. But I think some yellow flowers would be perfect.

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Here is our sweetheart table

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Sweet & Simple

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We haven't decided yet but its going to be something simple and elegant. Although they are nice I am not a big fan of extravagant head and sweetheart tables.

I like the concept of #2! but like someone mentioned before, I think a different color table cloth would be nice or more yellow to even out the colors :)

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i love all the ideas you guys are giving me.... There will be flowers added to help it pop
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