almost done with my DIY card box
I just have to make a flower for the bottom.
the grey is the color the men are wearing and the flower is about the same color as my dress, but my dress is a little bit more blush.

opinons? tips?

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Very nice.....I've thinking of making my own but a little afraid of how it would turn out. Please give me some pointers of where to start? thanks in advance.

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Great job!! I made one too (pics in my posts) I love the idea!

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@ Patricia.
Thank you and ha ha ha.. not too bad, it took me like about an hour in a half because I chose to use fabric. I'm very picky. I know some people use gift wrap paper
It's basically like wrapping a gift very carefully.
you can youttube for instructions too. I think
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Thank you Marzena.
I'll have to look at yours.. I got tired and just didn't feel like making the last flower, but tomorrow is a new day ^_^

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Very cute!

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that is so cute! love the flower!

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Very nice, I love it!!

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Very pretty! I'm getting ready to tackle this project as well!

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Thank you girls ^_^

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I love it. Looks very nice! You did good girl!
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