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How to Find the Right Wedding Shoes

Before you go wedding shoe shopping there are a few tips on how to choose wedding shoes that you should keep in mind. Just check them out here!


What could be more fun than picking out a wedding dress? Choosing your wedding shoes may come in a close second! The best part about buying these extras? You can re-wear them long after your wedding day is over and remember how amazing it felt to wear them while you got married. Sometimes it can be difficult finding the right wedding shoes to wear with your dream dress, so we're here to help!

Need help figuring out how to find the right wedding shoes? Just check out these top tips for finding your wedding shoes.

Consider your dress

You wouldn’t throw on a pair of shoes before deciding if they go with your outfit first, would you? The same should hold true for finding the right wedding shoes. Think about what style of shoe works best with the overall feel of your wedding look. If you’re opting for a glam gown, then you may want to consider wedding shoes with a lot of bling and flashy details. If your dress has more of a rustic or laid-back vibe to it, consider sandals or a lower heel. As you shop it’s important to keep your wedding dress in mind so you find a pair of wedding shoes that work well with your overall look. You should also consider the length of your dress. If you have an extra-long train, you don’t want to end up tripping over the fabric of your dress, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Consider your venue

It’s important to think about your wedding venue in terms of practicality. If you’re having a beach wedding and you opt for peep-toe pumps, it may be difficult to walk gracefully down the aisle in the sand. We’re not saying you have to wear sandals if you’re having a beachfront affair but you might want to consider a wedge or lower heel if the terrain is going to present an issue for you. On the other hand, if you’re having a luxurious ballroom wedding during the winter, summer sandals may not be the most appropriate choice. Think about what kind of vibe your venue gives off and stick to trying on wedding shoes of that nature.

Think about your everyday style

Are you someone who rarely wears heels or finds them uncomfortable? If so, we don’t recommend you choose your wedding day as the time to test your ability to walk in 4-inch pumps—you wouldn’t want to stumble as you walk down the aisle! If you’re not used to them, it will show when all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle. If you’re a pro at strutting your stuff in the super tall heels, go for it. Of course, if wearing pumps on your wedding day is important to you, remember that practice makes perfect. Start wearing them to the office or out to dinner so you’ll be a natural by the time your wedding day rolls around. You should also think about how your personality comes into play. If you’re someone who’s outgoing and don’t mind a lot of attention, perhaps a bold-colored wedding shoe would best reflect that. If you’re more likely to let others have their moment in the spotlight, a neutral shade might be best for your wedding shoes.


Think about your wedding style

Are you having a fancy affair or a laid-back celebration? This will help inform your overall look, including what wedding shoes you buy. If your wedding style is somewhere in the middle of glamorous and casual, use your best judgement to figure out what makes the most sense for your aesthetic. Are you planning to adhere to a lot of classic traditions at your wedding? Perhaps a white shoe with a low heel is most appropriate in that case. If you’re having a destination wedding you might consider dressy sandals (they’re easiest to pack).

Consider your budget

Your budget is something you always want to keep in mind throughout all aspects of wedding planning, and especially so when it comes to wedding fashion. There is no right or wrong amount to spend on wedding shoes, it all depends on your priorities. If bridal fashion is an important part of the wedding for both you and your S.O., splurge away on the best wedding shoes! After all, it’s not every day you get married. If other aspects of the wedding are more important to you, consider buying shoes you know you’ll re-wear. Shoes with sparkly sequins all over might not get as much wear as a nude-colored wedding shoe would later on down the line, so consider that when you’re trying to find wedding shoes.

Think outside the (shoe) box

There are tons of other options aside from heels that you can wear down the aisle, so don’t only consider heels when you're choosing wedding shoes. If you’re getting married down south or in the countryside, cowgirl boots are always a festive option! If you want to show off your quirky personalities, sneakers are another alternative wedding shoe option. Flats, sandals, and wedges are among the other choices you have as well. We challenge you to think outside the box and really let your personality shine through in your wedding shoes!

You’re not limited to just one pair of wedding shoes

If you want to switch up your shoes from ceremony to reception, go for it! If you’re getting married in a house of worship, you might want to opt for a nicer pair of wedding shoes than the ones you plan to wear to your backyard reception! It’s totally normal for brides to change up their look between each event, so why shouldn’t the same thing apply to your wedding shoes? If the ceremony and reception have two totally different vibes (or even if they don’t), don’t hesitate to buy two pairs of wedding shoes and kick your heels up in both! Your wedding day is certainly a valid excuse to buy new shoes.