groom's shoes bow tie and watch

Photo: Cameron Reynolds Photography

You may have your suit, your speech, and the ring, but don’t forget about your wedding-day emergency kit. While your wedding day will likely run without a hitch, you’re better safe than sorry.

Personal products:

Deodorant: Summer outdoor venues, wedding day jitters, or a crowded dance floor - there are so many times when deodorant can come in handy on the big day.
Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash: Freshen up after the dinner and before the first dance. Trust us, your new spouse will thank you!
Floss: Because food-stuck-in-your teeth is not a good wedding day look.
Lip balm: This one isn’t something you might think to pack, but there’s nothing more annoying than having chapped lips, and you don’t want that kind of distraction on your wedding day.
Antacids: Even if you’re not prone to acid reflux or stomach issues, these can be good to have on hand. Wedding nerves can cause both of these symptoms.
Ibuprofen: Similarly, it’s good to have a painkiller like ibuprofen with you to ease any nerve-induced headaches.
Moist towelettes: These babies have an infinite number of uses and are just an all around emergency-kit must-have.
Sunglasses: If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, have one of your groomsmen hold onto these for you for before and after the ceremony (just make sure you don’t wear them down the aisle!).
Tissues: Because whether you like it or not, there’s a good chance you’ll be shedding some tears!

Clothing products:

Stain remover wipes: Ask yourself - are you the kind of guy that can go through a formal dinner or cocktail hour without spilling something? Pack the stain remover wipes.
Extra cufflinks: Ideally your first pair will stay put, but it’s always smart to have an extra pair or two on hand. There will be lots of photographs of your hands for things like the cake cutting and ring photos, so you want to make sure you’re not missing a cufflink.
Lint brush: Keep your suit looking fresh by bringing a lint brush along. You can touch up your suit throughout the night and particularly before the photos.
Hem tape: If your pant hem comes undone, stick it back in place with a bit of hem tape. Duct tape will also do the trick.
Sewing kit: Extra shirt buttons, needle, thread, and a few safety pins are all good to have on hand.
Shoe shine towelette: Scuffy shoes are not a good wedding day look. Sure you’ll have your shoes ready to go for the day of, but these towelettes are also a really easy way to do any necessary touch ups.

Cash: Though it may not seem like you’ll need it, it’s a good idea to have cash on hand. You may need to tip people like the DJ or caterer, or purchase a last minute essential.

This may seem like a lot but don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to pack every item on the list. Just take a look and see which of these apply to you and your wedding day. When in doubt though, err on the side of over packing. Nothing wrong with a little over-preparedness!