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The ideal honeymoon destination is always a personal choice. All couples are different, so the actual location is something you'll have to decide with your fiancé. However, when you're doing research, or enlisting a travel agent's help, each of you should take note of the things you do and do not like about a vacation. This will help you decide on a climate, and possibly a general locale.

If there is one thing you should plan ahead for when it comes to your honeymoon, it's the pure and absolute exhaustion you'll feel after the wedding. Couples don't realize the stress they go through during the planning process, and how much the body needs rest after the big day! Consider this before booking an African Safari, or a tour of Europe through six cities, because you may not want to be planning anything during the honeymoon!

Finding the perfection destination can certainly be made easier with a travel agent. They can assist in climate, weather, length of travel, types of accommodations, and budget. This is when your do and don't lists come in handy as it will give the travel agent a good idea for destination suggestions.

As with the rest of the planning, set a budget. Don't go into debt from your honeymoon! When deciding on a budget, include transportation costs to and from the airport, special activities, gratuities, and any other indulgences - like a relaxing day at the spa.

In the end, the trip is truly all about spending time with the one you love, as a married couple. And remember to relax, rest, and enjoy every moment together.