outdoor portrait formal wedding party

Photo: Arte De Vie

It’s almost time! It’s the morning of your wedding and there’s only one thing left to do: get married.

However, there are a few last-minute details we think you should take care of before putting on your tuxedo.

Eat and drink
You don’t want to spill food or drink on your tux right before you exchange vows, so be sure wear something a bit less formal when grabbing a pre-wedding meal or snack. Depending on when your wedding is taking place you can go out to eat with your groomsmen, or have food delivered to your getting-ready spot. Try not to overindulge, you don’t want to feel uncomfortably full when you suit up.

Shave and style your hair
Take care of any grooming before the tux goes on. Whether you’ll be putting gel in your hair or trimming your beard, you don’t want to deal with excess hair or product getting everywhere when you’re all dressed up. Make it a bonding opportunity with your groomsmen! Head to a barber shop the day of the wedding and get ready together in style.

Put on deodorant and/or cologne
Deodorant marks and misfired cologne don’t make for attractive tuxedo details, so be sure you take care of deodorizing yourself before you get dressed. While you may want to wait until you walk out the door to spray the cologne, we think taking care of that first will help you avoid possible mishaps.

Learn how to tie a bow tie
It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone if you have to watch a YouTube video to learn how to tie a bow tie. It’s not every day that you wear one, right? Watch a tutorial before putting your tux on in case you get frustrated. You may have to practice a few times before getting it right, and doing so in your sweats will make it a lot less stressful when the time actually comes. Enlist a groomsmen to help you out if needed.

Chill out with the guys
Whether you decide to go golfing, play a hand of poker, or watch the big game, make sure you take time to hang out with your crew and unwind. Throw back a drink to keep the wedding day jitters at bay (but please, avoid going overboard with the booze pre-ceremony). These are your last moments as a single guy, so why not spend them with the people closest to you?

Use the restroom
While it’s a lot easier to go to the bathroom when you’re in a tux as opposed a dress, we still think this is something you should take care of. You don’t want to feel the urge in the middle of the ceremony! It’s a good thing to get out of the way so you don’t have to re-button and zip up everything all over again.

Last-minute tasks
If you were given any last-minute tasks to handle such as giving gifts to your groomsmen or making sure the wedding planner gets the table numbers, accomplish them beforehand. If you don’t want to be running around or stressing out once you’re dressed so be sure to prepare accordingly.