couple kissing and walking with wedding party

Photo: Cassie Madden Photography

All too often wedding planning goes from being an exciting time in your life to a stressful whirlwind of logistics and tough decision-making. We’re here to remind you that while you may feel overwhelmed at times, there’s plenty to enjoy along the way.

Taking a walk down memory lane
As you and your fiancé(e) embark on the planning process you may have flashbacks of great memories you’ve shared together. Perhaps your fiancé(e) proposed where you had your first date, or you’re considering a venue where you took a vacation together. As you begin to plan the next chapter of your lives, you’re bound to find yourselves reflecting on good times you’ve shared.

Personalizing your wedding
This day is all about you and your fiancé(e), so be sure to use that to your advantage. Instead of numbering tables, give them creative names. If you two love tasting new wines name each table after a different type, or serve up your favorite foods in miniature form as passed appetizers during cocktail hour. It’s all about you two!

Picking out the attire
While there is a lot to consider when picking out a dress or a tux, it’s always fun to get dressed up. Bring your best friends along to share in the dress or suit shopping experience with you, and then go with them to pick out their wedding party attire. You can make it into a fun weekend of shopping! After all this dreaming of your perfect wedding day look, it’s finally time to put it together.

Getting in touch with your creative side
We totally won’t judge you if you have a Pinterest board full of wedding ideas from before you were dating your now fiancé(e). It’s time to revisit the things that inspired you and begin to work them into your wedding day decor (or disregard them completely). Who knows, maybe while you’re planning you might discover a skill you never knew you had, or develop a love for something you never knew you cared about, like calligraphy or crafting!

Seeing friends and family members
With all the pre-wedding festivities, your engagement period is the time when you get to see college friends and family members that may live far away. Everyone who is special to you is making the effort to travel and celebrate! With all of the pre-wedding festivities, you’ll get to introduce everyone to each other.

Having something to look forward to
Part of what makes the engagement period so exciting is the anticipation of the event! Everyone around you is talking about the big day and chances are you’re spending a good amount of time and effort into planning this event. There’s no doubt that excitement (and some nerves) will be present throughout the process. Let’s face it, it’s always fun to have something to look forward to, especially when it’s your wedding!

And of course, celebrating!
Between your co-workers constantly admiring your sparkler and your phone ringing off the hook with congratulatory phone calls, there’s no doubt you’re feeling the love. Everyone in your life is so happy for you and is excited about the prospect of being involved in your big day. And don’t forget about all the events leading up to the day to give you even more of a reason to celebrate! From engagement parties to bachelor and bachelorette gatherings, how can you NOT have a blast during your engagement?