wedding dance party
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The band is wrapping up, but you aren't quite ready for the last call—and shouldn't be! Celebrating doesn’t have to end after the reception does, right? That's why there's no better way to prolong your wedding then having an after party.

Check out these festive and fun ideas that will keep your wedding going all night long:

Serve late-night snacks

After dancing all night, you are bound to become hungry again. Even if you had a delicious three-course dinner, you’ll definitely need a snack after participating in the cha-cha slide. To keep everyone energized, have a food truck visit your venue. Guests will snap out of their "hangry" state by chowing down on some grub-worthy dishes like mini burgers, tacos, pizza, and donuts.

Rent out your favorite bar

Get everyone to join you at that favorite local bar you love. Friends will enjoy being back at the place where so many fun memories have happened (like that time you discovered Fireball). Whether you and the bartender are on a first-name basis, or you have a reserved booth in the back, throwing your after party here is the perfect way to reminisce.

Spread the word

To ensure that the reception won’t stop at 11:30 p.m., let everyone know about your after party by posting it on your wedding website or by word of mouth. The best part of an after party? It doesn’t have to be so formal. Invitations aren’t needed, and the same goes for the dress code. Just as long as family and friends know where and when to go, they should attend.

Sing karaoke

At this point, people are going to think they can sing like Celine Dion, so let them! Get serenaded by your sorority sisters or do your first duet as as newlyweds. Karaoke will keep you laughing as you watch guests try to tackle those old-time college classics like “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places."

Move to the hotel

Cue the mini alcohol bottles and continue to the hotel! Have a block of rooms next to each other, so everyone is just a walk down the hallway. Bonus: when you get too exhausted, you can easily sneak away to a few floors above or below.

Provide transportation

Make sure guests have a safe ride to get to and from the after party. Hire a transportation service that offers a limo or bus. Everyone is bound to feel like celebrities stepping out onto the sidewalk.