couple smiles best man gives speech

Photo: Cesar Chavez Photography

It’s quite an honor to be tapped as someone’s best man. Whether the groom is your brother, or your best college buddy, you’re clearly an important part of his life, so don’t take this responsibility lightly! Being his right-hand man entails a little more than just buying him a round of drinks at his bachelor party.

Read on for the full best man to-do list.

Lead the groomsmen
As the best man think of yourself as the ring leader of all the groomsmen. Whether it’s a giant group or an intimate one, it’s important that you keep everyone on track. Discuss with the groom what kind of attire you’ll be sporting and relay the message to the other guys. Go with them to shop or accompany them to fittings, if needed. Get an email chain going with everyone so you can all get to know each other. Remember, a lot of these guys probably haven’t met, so it’s up to you make the first move.

Plan the bachelor party
It’s the night every engaged man looks forward to the most— his bachelor party! First thing’s first, talk to the groom and find out what he wants to do. Does he want to stay local and bar hop or make a big trip to Vegas? Stumped for an idea? Check these out. Once that’s settled, gather the groomsmen and pick a weekend that works best for everyone. Try to coordinate arrival and departure times if you’re traveling far to make the trip a little bit smoother. Be conscious of everyone’s budget and of course, give the groom the best party of his life!

Hold onto the wedding ring
On the day of the wedding, it’s crucial that you hold on tightly to his fiance(e)’s wedding ring. It’s one of the most important pieces of the day so you should take the responsibility of holding onto it pretty seriously. Don’t be that guy who loses the wedding ring, it could create for some awkward tension.

Make sure the groom eats
The groom is going to be so tunnel vision throughout the day between greeting guests and breaking it down on the dance floor with his S.O. It’s your job to remind him to eat! If you notice he hasn’t sat down since walking into the reception, tell him to take a 15-minute break and chow down. Plus, his fiance(e) will likely appreciate the alone time with him.

Make a toast
This is one of the most nerve-racking best man duties there is! Reflect on the memories you’ve shared together and express how glad you are that he finally found the one. Jokes and teasing are okay, as long as it doesn’t turn into a roast of the groom. The theme of your overall speech should be that you’re happy for him, not giving a recap of every embarrassing night out. Here’s a few other things you should avoid saying.

Be there for moral support
Overall your biggest job is being there for anything the groom may need. Whether it’s picking out the wedding band or simply calming his wedding day jitters, you’re his wing man, and he needs your support! You know him better than anyone else, and he wants you to enjoy this special day with him. Let him know you’re there for him, no matter what he may need!