Savvy May 2018

Which picture

Shannon , on December 6, 2017 at 10:32 PM Posted in Community Conversations

I have two pictures I can't decide on which one to use for our save the dates which do u think



  • Shannon
    Savvy May 2018
    Shannon ·

    Or this one which is my avatar

  • C
    Beginner November 2019
    Carly ·

    I like the the blue one, very beautiful and the lighting looks great

  • Vernell
    Devoted October 2018
    Vernell ·

    I like the 2nd picture

  • Boinkin
    Devoted April 2018
    Boinkin ·

    Blue one for sure, looks amazing and professional.

  • Margarita
    Dedicated December 2017
    Margarita ·

    The second one. But where did you get that red dress?!

  • Shannon
    Savvy May 2018
    Shannon ·

    @Margarita I got it at an boutique store in Savannah

  • Melissa
    Expert June 2018
    Melissa ·

    I like the lighting and camera angle much better in the second.

  • Leila
    Super October 2017
    Leila ·

    The blue outfit one is a better quality photo. The red outfit the lighting is off

  • MrsBdeG
    Master August 2017
    MrsBdeG ·

    I agree with @Leila. Are my eyes deceiving me or are there random water spots or blurry pieces in the blue picture?

  • Meg
    Dedicated February 2018
    Meg ·


  • Shannon
    Savvy May 2018
    Shannon ·

    @MrsBdeG your eyes are seeing the reflection of some flowers that was in front of us the picture is actually longer then what is shown

  • S
    Savvy October 2017
    SHARON ·

    I like the blue

  • ap2al
    VIP October 2018
    ap2al ·

    The second photo! although both are gorgeous

  • PHXBride
    Expert February 2018
    PHXBride ·

    2nd one

  • Sheri
    Just Said Yes October 2018
    Sheri ·

    Blue dress!

  • Jennifer
    Super May 2018
    Jennifer ·

    2nd! I like the professional quality

  • hannahdee
    Super June 2018
    hannahdee ·

    Second one

  • Mrs.Hays
    VIP April 2018
    Mrs.Hays ·


  • Karysa
    Savvy April 2018
    Karysa ·

    I like them both , but prefer the second one

  • G
    Dedicated April 2019
    Gaby ·

    The second one looks better

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